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⚔ Join Odin's conquest with the Throne of Odin guild family. Spots available within our family, beginners welcome. 1 spot in Throne of Odin #45 2m/1500s/300t All guild events 40k all tasks &30+ LTs starting on Monday. All events closed

Welcome to the Throne of Odin guild family!

Join one of the 10 legions of Odin’s mighty armies. We have requirements to suit all kinds of warriors, from the laid back to the battle hungry! Read about the various legions below and find what suits you. If you find a legion that fits your needs or you have any questions feel free to post and Odin or one of his many gods will get back to you!

If you do decide to join the ranks of Odin there is also a discord server where the mighty warriors of old and new gather to regale in the tales of battle! For the newer warriors among the ranks there are many many battle hardened veterans ready to pass on their knowledge to you.

If you would like to chat with myself or a demigod please join us at https://discord.gg/YGvuhZw or add Mary#2592

Join Throne of Odin #49 GW BR8. All KDs levelled. Min req: 2m/1500s/300t/ GW/Raids/Invasion essential. Discord Essential

Min raid boss dmg: 10k
Min Invasion towers destroyed: 100
Min Dooms killed: 25

Guaranteed 40k seals. All basic&epic tasks completed & 20+ LTs weekly starting on a Monday All raid/inv/ToD portals closed

Join ToO: Gods of Valhalla #190.All kds levelled. lvl 300+ Min of 1200s/150t/800k/GW, raid and invasion essential Discord essential

Min raid boss dmg: 5k
Min towers destroyed: 50
Min Dooms killed: 20

40k seals weekly, All basic tasks completed & 3+ epics. On GW weeks all basic&epic tasks All raid/inv/ToD stages closed

Join ToO: Age of Ragnarok, All kds levelled Min req: 800s/100t/500k/All guild events, discord essential

Min raid boss dmg: 3k
Min towers destroyed: 30
Min dooms killed: 15

40k seals, all basic tasks completed wekly & 1+ epic tasks+. All event stages closed


ToO: Bifröst. Throne of Odin’s semi casual guild. Level 100+ Min req: 500s/300k/50t. guild wars. No gold whilst levelling kds. Discord essential.

40k seals weekly. 4 statues completed + rest to 7 and All basic tasks and 1+ epic fortnightly! & usually close all event stages

Join ToO: Well of Urd. Throne of Odin’s casual guild. 0 reqs play at your own pace. Perfect for new players, high lvls wanting to relax or people who wish to play how they want! No gold whilst levelling kingdoms. Discord essential

40k seals. 1+ basic statue completed. rest to lvl 7. An lvl 1-2 epic tasks completed

Join ToO: Yggdrasil. Looking for simple requirements that are choice based? This guild could be the right fit for you! For veterans and ambitous beginners alike!
500k or 100t or under lvl 300 1500s or 50t All guild events are optional!

40k seals + All basic tasks completed & 1+epic. Usually close all event stages!

Join ToO: Odin’s Wolves. Tired of trophy and event reqs? Simple req of 500s/100k. New players welcome.
** 40k seals, 4+ statues completed and all basic tasks and 1+epic every 3 weeks!**

Join ToO: Descendants of Loki! 0 requirements perfect for new players. 20k seaks and all basic tasks to lvl 7 + epic tasks lvl 1-2.

When you hunger for more glory and you can meet the requirements you can ask to move up to the higher tier legions as you play the game and progress. You will be put on the waiting list if your request is approved by Odin himself!

When you do join come to the great hall for a fine ale and a banquet fit for the gods!


1 Spot open in Gods of Valhalla

Many spots open in Bifrost

Good Morning!

I’m a level 90 newer player that started a few weeks ago and i’m looking for a guild home to join. I was hitting 1200+ seals / 200+ trophies per week for the starter guild that I joined however they didn’t do any guild events so I still need to learn about those and chatting was non-existent. I’ve been pretty hooked in arena / PvP for the gold and soul farming for leveling my troops and kingdoms. I’ve got 3 KD’s to level 10 and the rest at level 3. I’ve pretty much been following new player guides on early game progression so i’m working now towards getting all of my KD’s to level 10. I’m a daily mobile player and I’d love to join your ranks on which ever team you feel is appropriate! My invite code is VIPERKUN_NLV8


Hey @Viperkun thank you for your interest I will add you to Age of Ragnarok now :slight_smile:

1 Spot open in Bifrost

1 Spot free in Throne of Odin on Sunday ready for reset

1 Spot free in Gods of Valhalla

Hi I would like to join in Gods of Valhalla im lvl 121 :slight_smile: My code is K1RBY_ZQIV
Thanks in advance.

Hey Kirby, do you use discord?

currently not, but i can use it for the guild no problem

Ok Kirby. I have sent you a pm with discord details :slight_smile:

Throne of Odin’s openings have closed.

1 Spot still open for Gods of Valhalla

couple of spots for Age of Ragnarok

1 spot open in Bifrost

Hello, I’m a Level 67 new player and would like to join Age of Ragnarok. Invite code: JLOCK_CJJ4

Gods of Valhalla spot now closed.

Spots still open for Age of Ragnarok

1 spot open in Bifrost

Hi all, I’m a newer player. I’m level 307 and have a few kingdoms at 5 stars and most at level 10. I would like to get in wherever I can fit in if possible. BASSRUSHER_DXHJ is my invite code. Thank you :slight_smile:

2 spots open in Age of Ragnarok

Hi Elysium,

I’d like to apply for Age of Ragnarok. I’m level 1072 with most kingdoms maxed.

I’m currently in a guild but would leave quickly (<24 hours) with acceptance. My invite code is JAYCE_20.

Age of Ragnarok now full

2 spots open in Bifrost

If there is any interest in any of the full guilds please leave a message or PM me. We also have an active waiting list.

1 spot still open in Bifrost

Very active new player, 1500 seals but still unlocking kingdoms. Would like to join Bifrost until I can really contribute gold etc. Invite code is GUTS_P25V.

Hey there :slight_smile: @Elodin this is for pc/mobile sorry, hope you manage to find a guild. @GutsAndGlory ok I will send you an invite.

1 new spot opened in Bifrost due to the removal of an inactive player. Message if interested.