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Need new guild. My guild is sucking

I am still with the first guild that I joined when I started the game. Problem is they all speak Russian and I need a United States based guild. Not to mention, only about 50% of the guild helps with GW, Invasion and Raid…that is annoying. About 75% donate gold and get seals. I need something better.

I play everyday. I have been a member for 138 days and donated 3,177,635 gold so far (about 23k per day, but some days are more than others… I didn’t play as much early on because I was playing other games, but now this is my only game… I have donated 108,739 today alone). For seals I get about 1k to 1.2k on Raid and Invasion weeks and 1.5k on GW weeks. I am level 336. I only own 17 kingdoms, but I do focus on PVP most of the time I am not in GW, Raid or Invasion. I trickle in some kingdoms here and there. I am usually one of the top of my guild in Invasion, Raid and GW. Currently a Colonel (2nd under General). There are guys 900+ level that are lower rank than me… guess my leader (General) likes me, but I wouldn’t know… don’t speak his language, lol!

So, anyway, I am not looking for anything competitive… just casual but where everyone in the guild donates, and helps with GW, Invasion and Raid. I don’t chat. I won’t use an external app for chat. At that point they take it more serious than what I want. If you are cool with me just donating gold and seals as much as possible and kicking butt in GW, Raid and Invasion quietly in the background, then please make room for me.

Oh, and I am at Tower Level 60 with 46 Towers defeated after 1 day. Next highest in my current guild is Tower Level 30 with only 9 Towers defeated. That is the main reason I am looking to change guilds.

Hey jninja, Earth and Air is looking for players. We are easy going and active. We are looking for more people who use in game chat and speak english as well. We welcome all though.

I know the feeling. I was in a German speaking guild for a few months, then I was told about Throne of Odin. There are 5 different guild families with different requirements.

What Level are you? Knowing that will help find you a guild that suits you best.

At the time I posted that I was level 336. I am not in game now, but am sure I have gone up a few more levels.

I like guild families, but a lot of times they require an external chat app. Does Throne of Odin require the use of Line or GroupMe or anything? I’d rather not be in a chat app.

Do you have good participation in GW, Invasion and Raid?

Hey Jnin, I am the GM of the Throne of Odin guild family. Here is our thread link

I currently have a spot open in Age of Ragnarok, this one does not require the use of discord however it is encouraged. But if you use guild chat it is fine. The other guilds in our family do require discord.


jninja - We do. We usually sit around 150 level for Guild Wars. High percentage of members participate in all events. We work together and use in game chat. We are tightening up our ranks at the present with higher level members. Give us a try. No hard feelings if it’s not for you. :slight_smile:

Enshin, I’m going to check out Throne of Odin guild family to see how things go there. I really appreciate the invite, and I for sure will hit you up if things don’t work out in my new guild.

Ok, let’s try Age of Ragnarok. Here is my invite code: JNINJACASH_CFGP

Do I need to leave my current guild to get the invite?

I’m up to 84 Tower Level and 90 towers defeated. Being I am only level 348 I think that’s pretty good. 2nd place in my current guild is at tower level 70 and 57 towers defeated and he is level 1061.

Yes, you must leave your current guild firstly to be able to join another guild.

Hey Jnin, Yes leave your current guild. I have sent you a PM

jninja - no problem. I’m sure you’ll dig the new group.