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Join the Throne of Odin Guild Family! We have multiple guilds with varying requirements to fit all play styles, along with a fantastic and helpful community!

We have a few spots available - we will find something for you! We also offer waiting lists and intra-guild movement!

Throne of Odin- GW Bracket 3. All kds lvlled to 10. 1500s, minimum of 300t and 2m gold GW/raids/invasions is essential. Min Raid Boss dmg: 10k, Invasion: 100 towers destroyed ToD: 25 dooms

ToO to have donated 2m within 48 hours after weekly reset

Gods of Valhalla- All kds lvlled to 10. minimum of 1200s 150t and 800k gold GW/raid/invasion is essential Min raid boss dmg: 5k, Invasion: 50 towers destroyed ToD:20dooms

GoV to have donated 800k within 48 hours after weekly reset

The Abyss- All kds levelled to 10, 1m/1500s guild events opt Abyss to have donated 1m within 48 hours after weekly reset

Age of Ragnarok- All kds lvlled to 10. minimum of 1000s 100t and 600k gold and GW/raid/inv/tod essential. Min raid boss dmg 3k, invasion: 30 towers, tod: 15 dooms

AoR to have donated 600k by Wed evening

The Valkyries- 300k/800s/100t no gold whilst levelling kingdoms. All guild events based on level pls ask for more info

Bifrost- 300k/500s/50t GW essential, inv/raid/tod encouraged. No gold whilst levelling kds

Yggdrasil- If under lvl 300 1500s or 50t. If over 500k or 100t all guild events opt. No gold whilst levelling kds

Odin’s Wolves- no guild event reqs 500s/30t/100k no gold whilst levelling kds

Odin’s Shamans- 75k/300s/30t, no gold whilst levelling kingdoms

Discord is required here. If interested please message me or join our server! https://discord.gg/eta4NqU Please feel free to add me on discord if you have any questions: Kim#6146


Still have space for a couple of players!

We still have a couple of guilds in our 9-guild family that have a spot open!

We have some new spaces available! Come check us out!