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Looking for decent/friendly guild for my low level friend

My friend is level 59, and she gets on every day. She is new and still learning, but I as a very active, fairly strong player, I assist her with knowledge and tips. She is fairly active, as she gets on every day, but she is still learning, and still growing in strength. She is the top contributor in her current guild, and I hate to see her putting in so much effort into a dead end guild. Please let me know of any decent, laid-back and still lightly active guilds, and I will let her know. Thank you in advance.

EDIT: I’m still trying to help her figure out what her weekly contributions will be.


Homebound 3 is for new players (with a few higher levels in there to help out). We have 2 higher level guilds that are all on discord which help with answering questions. And then when she is higher level there is possibility of moving up to HB2.

Let me know.



Throne of Odin guild family has 5 guilds. We have 2 casual guilds perfect for new players wanting to learn the game without having to meet requirements. We then have 3 requirement guilds ranging from low req to slightly higher requirements.

There are also opportunities for advancement when she is higher level.

We have a discord server with plenty of information and a friendly community here is our forum page if you would like to check it out for more information ⚔ Join Odin's conquest with the Throne of Odin guild family

Please let me know if interested


Hello everyone,

Thank you for your replies, I’m still looking for the right fit, and for a guild that will really help me grow, and vice versa. Like Arcemius has said for the last 5 guilds I’ve had to leave, because I was the only one contributing and no one was vocal in helping me with my troops/teams/kingdoms. I appreciate whatever help you can give me.

Thanks again :blush:

Either of the guilds that have responded, odens has a family of 5, and homebound has a family of three guilds, would be supportive. These type of guilds that have multiple tiers tend to support the lower levels as best they can. And the good ones would not require you to contribute gold until all your kingdoms were done. I guess you need to be more specific as to what it is that would be a good fit for you. Most of the multi tiered guilds use a discord to communicate, so you will have multiple guilds worth of people to communicate with, and to help share ideas with you.