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Hardcore or just a weekend warrior ToO could be the place for you ?
Please look below if anything appeals to you then feel free to post your expression of interest and a member of our glorious community will follow it up

Join Throne of Odin. All KDs levelled. Min req: 1500s/150t/200k GW/Raids/Invasion essential. Guaranteed 40k seals. All tasks completed + LTs. Discord essential.

ToO: Gods of Valhalla. The middle sister to Throne of Odin is recruiting lvl 80+ players. Min of 1200 seals, 100 trophies and GW essential. Participation in Invasion and Raid Boss. 40k seals weekly. Discord essential

ToO: Age of Ragnarok the little sister to Throne of Odin is seeking new members level 50+, Min req: 800s 50t and participation in guild events. 40k seals, Discord optional

ToO: Bifröst. Throne of Odin’s casual guild. New players welcome, no reqs, join and enjoy playing your way. Discord optional

Could ToO be the place for you ?

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I just started playing today, so still very much a noob figuring things out. I’d like to join your casual guild if you’ll have me. Invite Code: BLUID_IMAL


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Hey Bluid I am the GM of the ToO family. I have invited you to Bifrost, check your mailbox :slight_smile:


Hi Elysium,

Does your guild still have openings?

Im currently level 83.


Looking for x3 gold contributors for God’s of Valhalla ,4 tasks complete this week .

@Imthatdude are you still interested?

Spots also open in Bifrost

Are there still spots in Age of Ragnarok?

Hey, I’m interested.
1 week plus newbie.
lvl90/1500s/50t, participated in guild wars, raid boss, daily player, prefer guild chat

Let me know if slot is available so I can quit current guild, thanks.

Hey @Ehh aor is full. However if you would like a spot in Bifrost I can then add you to waiting list for aor and you can take a spot when one comes free- usually on sundays. Send invite code if still interested.

@jhlou guild chat is fine, if you send invite code I can get you a spot

Hi, I am interested.

Level 86. Getting back into the game after a break. Never took the chance to be active in a guild before. I was hoping to try.

Invite Code: CRUNKS

@Crunks I will add you into Bifrost now

3 spots open in Bifrost Currently

@Elysium - new player and playing on PS4 and Android (really like this game). Lvl 13 on Android can I get an invite to Bifrost?

Invite Code: DH716_QACL or OACL (hard to tell if Q or O)

@Dh716 I have sent invite. Let me know in guild chat if you would like to join our discord server :slight_smile:

It said it was full when joining. I would love to join Discord!

Hey is your in game name skywarp? There is a space I will invite again

If you dont mind sending your discord tag here, I can add you and you can check our server out :slight_smile:


Hello all!

Just started 1 week ago and am very active.

Would like to join Bifrost, my invite CODE is TERMINUS_BV73

Let me know if you can throw an invite my way :slight_smile:

Hello, I am a new player, level 44 currently but I am quite active and I’m interested in Bifrost if there spots still available.

My Invite code is SAINT_41R5