Leaving inactive guild [CLOSED]

I have been seriously playing for about 3-4 weeks. I’m at level 62, I have been getting ~1000 guild seals a week and contributed about 40,000 in gold per week, however I was the only active member. I don’t know much about the invasions or guild wars but willing to learn. Anyone think their guild is a good match?


Hi Aeris are you still looking for a guild? Here is our forum thread

I have a spot in our guild ToO:Well of Urd if you’re interested. There is the info for it in our thread :slight_smile: No gold is expected whilst you are still levelling your kingdoms

We also have a great discord server with lots of information and help


I am but I can’t seem to find your guild when I search for it.

Aeris I will send you a pm :slight_smile: You wont find us in search. I’ll send you invite