⚔ Join Odin's conquest with the Throne of Odin guild family


1 spot open in Throne of Odin for Sunday

1 spot open in Bifrost


Spots In Throne of Odin now closed

Spots still open in Bifrost, perfect place to learn the game in a no pressure environment


If you get another opening, let me know. I am level 1205 and want a break from the top 20 guilds I have been in.


Hello, I am a new player just started today and would like to learn the ropes in Bifrost. Invite code: ARROWTEO_I9RZ
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey Arrow I have sent you an invite :slight_smile: Message in guild chat once you come in, welcome!

1 spot left in Bifrost


im level 122 play everyday prefer the pvp. username is angelpenguin on xbox. pm me if room in a decent clan


Hey there AP this is on pc/mobile platform sorry. However I am very sure you will find a guild to join on xbox :slight_smile:


Elysium I received invite but didn’t seem to get in, can you resend please?


Hey Arrow, I sent another invite


1 Spot open in Throne of Odin

Spots open in Well of Urd our new Casual guild


Hi Elysium,

Seems to encounter a bug when I accept the invite, would you know what’s wrong?


Hey arrow, I will send you a pm now so we can get you into Bifrost


1 spot still open in Throne of Odin

1 Spot open in Bifrost

Many spots open in Well of Urd


Throne of Odin and Bifrost spot now closed

Spots still available in Well of Urd

1 Spot has opened up in Age of Ragnarok Min req: 800s 50t and participation in guild events. 40k seals. No gold whilst levelling KDs . Send message if interested :slight_smile:


Age of Ragnarok spot is now closed.

1 spot free in Bifrost

many spots available in Well of Urd

Perfect place for new players to learn the game. Msg me if interested


Spots still available in Well of Urd

If anyone has interest in any of our guilds pls send a msg :slight_smile:


Elysium, my wife and I are both looking for a new guild. We are around level 100 and both get 1500/seals per week. We are slightly active in guild events (but could be moreso), and are currently using our gold to build up our kingdoms (and have a long way to go!). Got a suggested guild with a couple of openings?



Hi Aragon, I have sent you a pm :slight_smile:


1 spot open in Gods of Valhalla


Im active and would like to join God’s of Valhalla , code is MORRISWON_MXPG