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⚔ Join Odin's conquest with the Throne of Odin guild family!

Gods of Valhalla spot now closed

Spaces still available in Well of Urd

I’m looking for a casual, but not dead, guild for my daughter (I also play her account a bit to help her progress through the game). She’s currently lvl70, plays daily, slowly working on those kingdoms (mostly lvl5-6), doing the quest lines and testing raids/invasion (but not performing very well there to be honest).

2 spots remaining in Well of Urd, 20k seals. Message if interested

1 Spot open in Gods of Valhalla. lvl 100+ min of 1200s 100t GW/Raid/Invasion and discord

2 spots open in Bifrost our casual guild 20k seals weekly

Gods of Valhalla spot now closed.

2 spots still open in Bifrost- perfect place for newer players or experienced players who wish to play more casually. 20k seals weekly

Looking for a level 200+ for Gods of Valhalla to join on Sunday ready for reset. 40kseals and LTs.

All available spots now closed

1 spot open in Well of Urd

Still 1 spot open in Well of Urd for a lvl 50+

Few spots open in Bifrost 50+ no reqs. Great place to learn the game. Leave/send msg if interested

If interested for any of our other guilds pls send me a msg

Throne of Odin has 1 spot open

Spots still open in Bifrost

Gods of valhalla 1 spot open for SUNDAY

I have been in Throne of Odin since I started playing this game, and I have loved every minute of it. The discord community is phenomenal, and any questions you have (especially as a new player) can be easily asked, and then answered by other guild members across the multiple guilds in the guild family, for those looking for a great guild whether you are new, or end game you will find one in the Throne of Odin Family!

Hi! I just got turned on to Gems of War a couple days ago and I’m hooked. I’d love to join your Bifrost guild as I get things figured out and get up and running.

To put things mildly, I dive into games deep so I will be extremely active. Right now still just unlocking everything and such but I’d love to be able to help out a guild and to also learn that part of the game as I do so. Long term I would absolutely be interested in moving into one of the higher requirement guilds if everything seems like a good fit.


Invite Code - GOOBLE_O6HF

Invite sent Mapatric, welcome to the Throne of Odin family! I have sent you a pm with the discord info


Spots for Throne of Odin and Bifrost now full

2 spots open in Well of Urd

Hi, currently level 71, looking top get into the Age of Ragnarok guild. Won’t have any problem hitting 1500 seals, 200k+ gold per week, and idk how to check how many trophies I’ve collected this week, but it should be around 400. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Invite code is: FOGHORN212_DXCW

1 spot open in Throne of Odin: 1500s/150t/400k raid boss: 10k dmg Invasion: 100 towers

Pls msg if interested

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Great Guild Family with a lot of friendly, helpful people!

I wish I had found the guild earlier, I wasted so much gold and time in another guild. The Discord channel where you can communicate with everyone from the guild has been very helpful as well.

Still 1 spot open in Throne of Odin: 1500s/150t/400k raid boss: 10k dmg Invasion: 100 towers

Pls msg if interested