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Gods of Valhalla is Recruiting (Throne of Odin Guild Family)

Gods of Valhalla

All kingdoms must be levelled to 10 or higher. Minimum of 1200s, 200t and 800k gold. Gold must be donated within 48 hours after weekly reset. GW/Raid/Invasion/ToD/World Event participation is required. Minimum Event Requirements: Raid Boss Damage = 5k; Invasion - 50 towers destroyed; ToD: 20 dooms; World Events: At least 50% of the average points required per guild member to close all event stages. (Actual point amount will be provided each week). Guild always closes all event stages.

If interested, please visit us here on Discord at: Throne of Odin Guild Family and a council member will assist you.

For information on all 9 of our guilds, please visit our website at www.throneofodin.com. We look forward to meeting you!