Ivory Trail

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New Ultra-Rare Troop: Aravatar’s Tusk Aravatar’s Tusk will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Facing Death There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Aravatar’s Tusk, Deathclaw,…

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Old Teams:

Player team:

Second Claw Anhur

Enemy team:



Ummm, it’s pridelands and not whitehelm right? (If they don’t even double check their posts how are we to take any changes or improvements seriously?) :rofl:

Us forgotten Nintendo switch users had to deal with this trial already, and it wasn’t too bad. Oh, they got rid of the enemy shadow hunter and behemoth, how lovely.


@Jeto please start checking your newspost-templates and at least edit / fill out correctly before posting, or let someone do this task that will. Happens way too often recently. For a official announcement / information source of gems of war this is getting questionably embarassing…


Its like they know that only 40 people read the forums this days. We are in ghost town.


You are right about that @Crow. I highly doubt patch 7.0 will change much. The little community that we do have is dwindling, and there is not much to look forward to based on past failures.

Hate to be blunt about it, but let’s be honest, there are MUCH better games out there nowadays with people that actually care about making things better. I solely play this game because it seems to never end.

I find this game relaxing at times when I want to take a break from other things, and I like messing around with new troops and weapons when they have a powerful or hidden purpose. But even that is losing its luster…:thinking:



The loot table for troops in Pridelands event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 Leio, Ubastet, Umenath
3.2% 1 Behemoth, First Claw Maahes, Sehkma
12% 1 Finley, Hellclaw Rager, Kartek the Climber, Leocorn, Mumakus, Night-Slayer, Salamander, Second Claw Anhur, Shadow-Hunter, Stone-Shaker, The Ruby Giant
21.6% 1 Aravatar’s Tusk, Chimera, Claw Dancer, Raksha Free-Blood, Rakshanin, Spell-Paw, Spiritmane, Tuskar
21.6% 2 Half-Mane, Rex Warrior, Rift Lynx, Sabertooth Lion
21.49% 3 Bandit, Pride Hunter, Sunsail, Troubadour

Unfortunately, event chests have a tendency to be misconfigured, either entirely missing specific mythic troops or containing them at significantly lower than advertised odds. There is no way to know this ahead of spending, and no way to get any kind of refund. If you plan to open event chests, wait till the weekend for the community to find irregularities, this significantly reduces your risk of getting burned.


Beat all 5 Epic Trials, so not the end of the world but…

I did not like this Player Team at all. A lot of it is because the Enemy team thrives against the Player Team.

Lets start with the enemy:

Rakshanin starts with 50% mana and is stealthy, so you have to kill it with skulls. However, since its 5/11 mana, it will cast very quickly. Each cast will do 80ish? at Epic Trial 5 + half your troop life, so its doing more than half your troop life per cast. Easily puts you to death range after 1 cast in 1-2 skulls.

Sekhma is just fatal if it gets to cast, boosted by if the enemy team is already winning. By ET5, it was already casting over 200 damage and this doesnt count any skull alignments.

Leocorn is just random. Just assume the wildcards will benefit them, even when it doesn’t.

Salamander “blocks” Sekhma… except at 11 mana and a +2 red banner, It really doesnt.

and the player’s The Ruby Giant actively makes it worse. If you cast it, you’ll probably miss. The AI will grab the miss and it’ll easily overflow Salamander and feed Sekhma. Its pretty fatal to the point you can never cast it.

But… that doesn’t help since TRG also spawns one if it ever gets hit by a skull and the AI can cascade into that Red Giant Gem from the skull hit even before you get your turn back.

Spiritmane is nice and all. Only has 2 targets for its doubling effect sadly.

Second Claw Anhur is nice and all, but less so. Worked better when Troubadour was still on the team. By itself, it isn’t great.

Behemoth surprisingly underperforms, largely because by the time it gets down to 4th slot vs 4th slot, Leocorn has Spell Armor. Womp womp. Underperforms is the keyword, its still winnable though. The 3rd trait worked better when the player still had Troubadour.

The enemy Rakshanin tends to put your troops in death range quickly so the attack buffs don’t feel like they stick. Doesn’t help Second Claw Weaksauce doesn’t actually buff itself in any way.

So the best way to win is to keep winning. If you’re losing, don’t expect to make a huge comeback. :man_shrugging:


It would be much worse if the ai tried to match the skulls, but he preferred to cast…


Then why did you not do so?
At least the runs are painful but quick. Once Sekhma is filled up, you’ve lost.

I’ll be waiting for a hotfix before I ram my head into this brick wall another hundred times.


(lev 1828)


After a couple of reasonable weeks we now have reverted back to teams which suck any and all enjoyment out of these trials - not least because it is (once again) flippin impossible.

I managed 225 & 250 but there is no way I will be able the make it to the end with the ridiculous teams that have been supplied.

Time to finish them off with a gnomeperuza team …

A few minutes later…

Finished off the last three trials in just under 8 minutes.


I managed to best each of the Epic Trials once 1st or 2nd. Hate the teams but it was susprisingly doable, at least with luck…
I liked Ruby Giant more than I expected. Its 1st trait (enrage on enemy death) came in clutch a few times. Its spell also allowed me to convert away blue gems when Sekhma was about to cast.

Out of interest what level are you ?

Awful trials. Doable, but also relying on luck way too much. No synergy, just randomness.

Either you win in 30 seconds after double buffing attack. Or you lose even quicker without even casting a troop.


How are you guy’s winning? What am I doing wrong? What order do they need to be in? I have tried for 3 hours and I just can’t figure it out!!

I didn’t change the order. But winning is pure luck. And high stats. Basically you need to buff your attack quickly and then use as many skulls as possible.

If you have a Gnome’a’Palooza left, you should use it here, if you want the pet. Or at least try to win the 1st epic trial and then use some orb of minions.

The key, besides being very lucky, is to keep the board in a state, that a Sekhma spell neither creates a skull match nor an extra turn.
For my running order, I switched Anhur and Behemoth, because the attack bonus is much more important than the one on magic. Also, do not cast with Giant, of course, and maybe be cautious with Behemoth casts too. If you can blow up death mark gems with Anhur, that helps too.

Stupid, stupid event team. I’ve bitten myself through, but it really is nothing but luck based on the later stages.


It’s nice to want things.
So, there are two troops that would help offset the huge power discrepancy between the the player team & the AI team: Half Mane (Triple damage if enemy attack is higher) & Shadow Hunter (Boosted by all enemy life). I have no idea how those two are not part of the player team. It took me 5 seconds to put them together.
Heck you can add Pride Hunter (Silence Bonus) & Finley (Mana Gen + Skull mitigation) as two extremely low level troops that can work.
Currently (with the new troops) there are 28 of 39 Pridelands troops that deal damage of some type. That’s 72%. You gave the player team 1. That’s 25%. You don’t see the problem there?


I’m level 1584. Probably need both luck and endgame bonus stats.

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I do. It’s because they don’t play their game.

No, they don’t, because they don’t play their own game.

For so many trials they could have just swapped player and enemy teams and it would have been fine.

How they manage to create the most annoying enemies that work well together buzcsnzdi it for the players is beyond me.

That’s either stupid design or deliberately annoying.