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New Ultra-Rare Troop: Stone Panther The Stone Panther will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: The Dread Trail There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Dragonmoth,…

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We’re not in Wild Plains anymore. Apparently, we’re in Dragon Claw :sweat_smile:

I’m surprised they changed Hellcrag. Probably one of the only kingdoms that didn’t need a change. Oh well, I’ll take the change and keep going.

Old Player Team:

Stone Mefyt

Enemy Player Team:

Eternal Sentinel
Petrified Golem



The loot table for troops in Hellcrag event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 The Colossus, Tourmaline
3.2% 1 Czernobog, Xenith
12% 1 Adakite, Chalcedony, Eternal Sentinel, Herald of Torpor, Morganite
21.6% 1 Craghound, Nabassu, Petrahulk, Stone Panther
21.6% 2 Petrified Golem, Stone Mefyt, Stone Zombie
21.49% 3 Hellstone Gate

Unfortunately, event chests have a tendency to be misconfigured, either entirely missing specific mythic troops or containing them at significantly lower than advertised odds. There is no way to know this ahead of spending, and no way to get any kind of refund. If you plan to open event chests, wait till the weekend for the community to find irregularities, this significantly reduces your risk of getting burned.


No shiny keys as rewards? :sob:


not this time, so, just enjoy the week “off”. :wink:
except vault of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t really pay too much attention, so I might be wrong, but have most world events lately had points align with battle rarity (i.e mythic rarity battles being worth the most points)? It certainly feels that way. I’m all for it!

Would still love to have scoring in-game, of course.


It usually is. Either the main troop of the event is the highest score or it’s related to rarity. What can be different is with 2 troops of the same rarity. Both can worth the same or one is a single point more than the other. That’s why I usually just look a couple of times at this post and then just look ate the board the highest rarity.

Of course, we are talking about points not scaling with levels. That’s another strategy.

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You got to be trolling. We still cant fully upgrade Hellcrag? Man Im getting tired of seeing Hellcrag especially since we haven’t seen some kingdoms in years.

I’ma skip this event, keeping event keys for something better.