CONSOLE: Trunk Call

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Dial up the damage this week…

New Troop: Tuskar

The Tuskars of the Pridelands are large slow creatures who live in small family groups. Usually peaceful, they can be extremely dangerous if startled, trampling their foes.
Also, they never forget…

New Troop: Sunsail

Sunsails can be seen year round in the Pridelands, stretched out in the midday sun. Cold-blooded creatures, they use their large sails to help regulate their body heat.
Although they don’t look incredibly dangerous, their bite can leave a nasty infection.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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With those troops, I think I can finally 7-star my Pridelands, yay! :smile:

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We get a free gift in the mail too. I wonder what it could be?

Probably keys and stones

Good stuff new troops even better I save glory. :slight_smile:

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Both look real cool!
I might buy multiple packs of Tuskar, could this be a good time to unlock traits for Sylvanimora and (maybe) Goblin King?

Never ever spend on Goblin King unless he is needed for kingdom power.
Salad dragon’s 3rd trait is great against skull teams.


What is Tuskar’s boost ratio for Tusks of War?

Tuskar’s boost ratio is 2:1 (50%)

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on steam they get only ; 2000 souls , 2 gems keys , Mongo , 50 gems rewards for 4 days where the game is unplayable when the servers migrated that’s very poor and i think on console we get the same rewards without Mongo , me now i want to now when we get the new update system 2.2 to enjoy the game plety , i’m getting bored to do the same thing every week (PVP or farming arcane traitstone) , i think i’m gonna wait when the new update is out when i come back to play it !!!

not sure did you guys get it or not yet but sylvanimora smiles at those tuskars :slight_smile:

edit: by ‘get it’ i mean did you guys get sylvanimora released in game yet or not? either way it would be nice to prepare some arcanes for it

Did we get a free gift? Hard to tell in the giant loot hail I got.

I got sunsail from gold key chests today. Is there no longer a waiting period?

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No, I don’t think we got any free gift. I didn’t see anything different, except maybe an unusual high volume of arcane traitstones while farming in explore… just kidding about those stones it was normal, just want to see if I can stir something up while seeing what’s different.

Question: There used to be a thread, or maybe it was right in these threads, that someone put together that would list what the traitstones were for this weeks troop(s) and what troops to look into that could be upgraded with those stones.

For Instance:

Tuskar is this week and he uses Green/Brown (whatever it’s called) traitstones. These are the troops that use those stones that you may want to upgrade.

Goblin King

Are those threads still around or did they stop? They were really useful, if not…

Enjoy :smiley:

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hah, awesome. Thanks!