Ivory Trail

So many times I’ve almost won the last trial on the alt account (that isn’t exactly low level, either) but with bad luck the stupid leocorn still killed me.

This week is so annoying.

It’s better with a higher level account but still not my idea of fun.

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This week’s Epic Trial gave me flashbacks to the days when I was doing Pure Faction runs prior to the 6.3(?) patch that added potions to the process. Having to focus on board control – particularly avoiding skull matches – on account of being obliged to use a substandard team compounded by a sizable statistical deficit.

That’s not really a good thing.


Can’t expect to win every week with autoplay. Nothing “epic” about that. :wink:

I would wager that it’s both. And i can foresee that every time a gem giant can be on a team it will be. Why? Because its an easy mana blocker that’s useless (mostly). But they"looks great" on paper “helping” the players load up on mana faster, when really it’s only feeding the enemy teams and KILLING players faster.

Player teams should 1) be mana coordintated enough that they cannot suffer mana lock regardless of the oder they are arranged in, 2) have damage dealing capability that scales with the enemy teams so that both sides can do significant damage to the other in a single shot (no one-shot kills including skulls for either team), and 3) never contain only a single damage dealer with 3 supporting troops.

It’s not rocket science (that would be beyond the devs for certain). If they have no experience playing their own game, then they shouldn’t be putting together teams for the trials.


No, player teams should just be fully customizable out of the whole personal troop pool and equippable with any hero/weapon/class, banner and medals.

Best solution: No restrictions at all.
Whoever feels the desire to play “restrictive” can still do so on their own.

Fair solution: Restriction to only use all personally available troops and hero/weapons/class of the current weeks trial kingdom.

Everything else is just an idealess uninspired miserable attempt to implement some sort of difficulty that noone needs and noone wanted in the first place. Despite it often being described as “fun” by certain people this forced description is just a lie, which seems to be officially acceptable procedure.

Also the weekly rotation is the opposite of “fun”. Miss a week, wait ~1.5 years in the worst case, yaaaaaay, so much “fun”…


And what the heck is the slice of pie or cake next to my name for???

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so, hebby f0rum birthdäy :gift: :partying_face:

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Omg. So much truth!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s fricking hilarious. It would never have dawned on me. Its not significant in any way .:tada::tada::tada::tada:
Cheers to all!:beer::beer::beer::beer:

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Put Anhur in the back of the team, and cast it as much as you can and as smartly as you can (denying the enemy team skull matches and extra turns, slowing down their mana gain). Attack scaling was the key on the old version of the epic trials, and the new version benefits from Anhur not being blocked on yellow anymore (so you can scale the attack of 3 troops with each cast instead of two). Deny Sekhma extra turns on her cast, as she’s the only reliable board control on the enemy team, and use the skulls she creates against the enemy team.

Take free damage from Behemoth casts when you can, but casting it or the other two troops on your team is not as important as casting Anhur. Limiting the amount of blue on the board when Sekhma is close to casting would also seem to be important here, given how limited the new player team’s board control options are.

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So… it goes against what I believe that the enemy team shouldn’t be changed but the “easiest” way for them to fix this:

  1. Replace the enemy Rakshanin with something that doesn’t punish the player for existing. Something like a Second Claw Anhur, Stone-Shaker, or Claw Dancer.

  2. Release a troop in the near future that has the Stoneskin trait and is a Raksha. Remove The Ruby Giant.

Sekhma would still be a massive menace, but its a lot easier to play around 1 big fatal threat instead of 2 big fatal threats.

The real long term fix is to release better Pridelands troops that could handle the current enemy team, but I’m not holding my breath.

Sorry, but I disagree with all solutions, that are based around making a bloated game grow even further beyond reason. This game does not become better through new troops and weapons. Hasn’t worked over the last years either.
I stand by my point, that the game would be objectively better and more fun, if it had stopped at 10-15 kingdoms and maybe 100 troops. The more we get beyond that, the more distinct the line between overpowered and trash, with no room inbetween. The only ones who benefit from “more content” are the people who make money from it. Because heaven forbid, if any of this could actually be “finished” (in the most generous sense of the word) one day.

This is a tumor game, like all of its kind. It grows without stopping until it has suffocated the substance that it feeds from.

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The Gems of War devs are going to keep releasing new troops week after week as that is part of the selling point to this game. You can’t stop the devs from doing that no matter what you do. People have tried to get the devs to slow down in the past. Many times in fact.

What are you going to do, ask them delete the art and assets to over 1,100 troops?

That’s the only reason I’m playing this game.

I’m not playing this game because I love paying money for new Campaigns.
I’m not playing this game because I love paying money to new Kingdom Passes.
I’m not playing this game because I love to suffer through the Dungeon system for Dragonite.
I’m not playing this game to run on a treadmill for 72 hours straight during a Vault Event weekend.
I’m not playing this game because the weekly World Event is fun or exciting.
I don’t play this game because these new Epic Trials are fun and rewarding.
I don’t play this game because Delves are a half-baked idea.
I don’t play this game because I love facing Book teams in Guild Wars nearly 30 times every 4 weeks.

Without the new troops and weapons, this game is nothing. “Use Ironhawk Zuul’Goth Sunbird Rowanne and the Warlord hero class” and win every battle only has so much lasting appeal.

What’s your solution to these Epic Trials that are people are impacted by this week? Delete Pridelands?


The solution people would like is to pick their own teams for these Trials, but that’s just not happening before the end of the weekend or probably ever until some random rework in 2027.

Paper card games are constantly releasing new sets for people to buy and use. Why? Because a solved meta is incredibly boring and will cause people to leave the game as there’s nothing else you can do with the game.

Card games wouldn’t exist in the world with the way you think and clearly they’re doing something right to still have business after all this time.


I don’t get this logic and i hear it all the time from people who wish the game froze when GW was every week and no new troops or mechanics got released ever.

How do you expect the game to last if there are never any improvements?

What other games did you get bored of that had gameplay you loved but quit playing because it got stale?

How do you talk it up to get people to play? (Yeah …it hasnt changed in any way in like 6 years but its awesome…)

What do you pay for to support the game if nothing new ever comes out? (If you even pay at all.)

There are many games that developers have stopped releasing new content for that are still playable, youre playing this one