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It's a shame that the Seals cap isn't higher, but

I suppose I understand why. I have had more than a few critical things to say about the new guild tasks system, but it has made leveling up a bit easier. Even though that may, in part, be attributed to the fact that PvP is now less appetizing with gold being (relatively) worth less than before, making PvE more preferred (PvE games are (unanimously) faster than PvP, allowing more XP per minute than PvP). Although, there is also the boost from guild tasks, which is a nice perk.

Anyway, this is a little summary of what my week looked like. I didn’t play much the first two days after reset or it would’ve been a bit better.

P.S. Arena is an RoI nightmare at end-game and (to me) not worth the effort in the slightest. Some might argue that maps, too, are a waste, but they are more enjoyable to me than Arena. I think it should only be used to attenuate burnout from all other elements of the game.

What do you find nightmarish about them?
What did you like about Arena before you hit end-game?

Chances of getting something unbelievably slow are way too high.

Failing that, it just becomes ‘can I get a mana generator for my hero’.

Not even sure now.

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I used to like playing Arena when I was in early game. However, I really don’t bother now. (I did play it once recently just to see if I could get a check on all the guild tasks. :stuck_out_tongue: ) For me, the issue is that I can make more souls playing Explore on normal in the time it takes to finish Arena. I’d really like to see the soul reward boosted for that mode.

While we are on the topic, I’d love for Arena to truly be a mode that challenges our team building ability. As it stands, the team selection is too random because you can’t see all 9 troops at once. If we could see all 9 choices at once, we could actually have a chance to use our troop/synergy knowledge to build the best team we can from those 9 choices.


Well, truthfully, I haven’t played it more than maybe five times since I’ve switched to PC/Mobile, but as I said, the returns on investment are simply dwarfed when you reach end-game. When I was on console, Arena was a fast way to get a lot of souls. On PC, every single resource in the game can be obtained more effectively in other gametypes. Now, if I thoroughly enjoyed Arena, I might be able to overlook this, but I don’t find it entertaining. The whole structure seems annoying to me–I have to choose three troops of varying rarity, but I never get to see what my future or past options were/are. This leads to frequent conflict and deficit in mana, making matches take forever just to fill skills and, overall, unamusing. Even with this on the backburner, all my bonuses are wiped, my ascension is not acknowledged and all my traits are nullified; it takes all that I’ve worked for and makes none of it matter.

So while I think it’s a good starting point for beginners, since it levels the playing field, I find it nearly useless after I have all the troops at Mythic and traited. It’s also impractical (if not impossible) to clear an Arena run at any difficulty above Warlord 2.


Cheers guys!

It’s good to hear feedback from end-game players on arena. I can’t promise anything will change in arena, but I can pass this along to the rest of the team to discuss.


i hate having to scroll through all my weapons… i know it sounds stupid, but thats the main reason i dont play.

since the change to where it gets harder and harder after win 4 - its not worth the time/frustration.

I used to play it regularly, but since the staged difficulty increase was introduced, I haven’t managed a single 8-win run. It’s pretty useless to me now, and I’m about as “end game player” as it gets.

I completely understand that it was a bug that needed fixing, but I actually enjoyed the Arena when the AoE hero weapons were way too overpowered and it was a race to see who could charge their weapon twice to team wipe the opposition, with the other three troops only rarely affecting the outcome. I wouldn’t mind a mini-game that worked like that. For me, the speed of play made up for the chance you might not get 8 wins.

With Arena working correctly, I agree with @Ashasekayi and @RiverSong - the rewards aren’t worth the effort (end-game) and the drop in rewards for not getting 8 wins due to 2 of (a bad board/randomly coming up against a hard counter/one key mistake/a game crash) make it not fun to even try.

I still like arena & play it occasionally. I like it for exactly the elements that distinguish it–playing with weaker, unbuffed cards often results in more challenging matches.

That being said, I find the secret to enjoying arena is retiring if you get a bad deck & starting over.

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Totally agree. I’ve done that multiple times.

It took a near humble-brag for my voice to be heard… I don’t know how to feel…

Arena is till my preferred game mode, and I’m a mid/end-game player. The rewards definitely could use some love, but the mechanics could use them more. I know @sirrian had said something about looking into it after the guild patch was released. Adding traits, and a few QoL improvements could really spice it up again.

Please raise the Seal cap per member. Some people can do more for the Guild. Also take out cards that have become Mythics in all chest if no other ascension is coming @Sirrian .

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Maybe add an option for a user to ‘tag out’ for the week. Make it so they can’t earn seals that week, but raise the per member cap 50 seals (1500/29 rounded down) to allow a hard working guild to make up for it. Or let the guild master increase their cap 1500 if they want to shoulder the responsibility.

It would be especially handy for top-tier yet casual guilds. It’s a rare week we don’t have at least one person out of commission for life-related reasons.