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Is valraven apparition really random?

Hello Gow players.
All is in the question. Personally, I don’t think so.
In our guild, for example, we have started the Raid Boss event with the same number of sigils, with the same build and we won all our fights. And we have got the same number of valravens. So the random apparition seems to be not so random than that.
But maybe it is a coincidence !

What do you think about it ?

I (or someone less lazy than me) needs to collect the info to get the actual numbers since this comes up a lot but the answer is…

Partially. It is random but within a set group. This leaves everyone with very similar results but in the end could lead to small differences.

On a side note…

There is another post about Ravens and I get asked about them a couple of times a week. If someone wants to collect their data on various events for valraven drop rates it shouldnt be too hard to figure out. I already have a basic multiplier for estimating them.

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In Tower Events, and I imagine it’s the same for Raid boss, a valraven will appear every 3.8 battles, which gives you 2 sigils. This means 8 battles will give you 4 sigils, which will give you 1 sigil. (and of course 32 battles will give you 8 valravens, or 16 sigils, from which you’ll get another 8 sigils, which will give you another 4 sigils, which will give you another 1 sigil…)

My most accurate estimate is to multiply all free and purchased sigils by 2.25. Seems a lot easier than yours. More accurate as well if the last 2 months are any indication. It doesnt work on ToD because of haste rooms or Faction Assaults of course but I can normally get a safe estimate in any other event.

Valravens are not totally rng. You will never get 3 in a row for example. On the leaderboards there will only be + or - 1 valraven even amongst the players doing 100’s of battles. As to the x2.25, that seems to only apply to early battles as later battles (tier 7 purchase) gets you only x2 so there is some scripted “better luck” it seems in earlier battles.