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Faction events. Raven frequency? Do we know?

Was wondering if anyone ever checked to see the frequency of Valraven appearances in faction events. I’m tempted to try and get as far as possible in today’s event, but don’t want to waste time looking for ravens where they don’t exist on certain floors, but also don’t want to miss possible ravens by skipping right to the boss.

I’ve seen posts in both regards… some say Ravens appear based on # of rooms done, and others said it didnt matter, it’s level based.

Does anyone actually know?

Ravens for Delves show up based on how many rooms you do, not how many levels. Skipping straight to the boss will require more gems (for more sigils) because you’ll be doing less rooms, which means less ravens.

0 sigils left to continue. So should I do the boss room or do all the rooms? Well, I did the bottom right room, highest multipliers first. No Raven. Next I did the top right room. There’s my Raven.

If I would have done the Boss room first, I wouldn’t have gotten a raven, and I would have had to purchase more sigils using gems.


Right but that doesnt really answer it. Obviously, if you do the boss and skip that room, you’ll miss the raven.

But the question is: Is the raven in that room on that floor because:

A) You’ve done enough ROOMS previously that a Raven was due to show up


B) Because that FLOOR was due to have a raven.

The difference being… if it’s based on the # of rooms you have done, to get more ravens you need to waste time clearing pointless rooms as you advance. Alternately, if it’s based on floors, you can find a raven, do the boss, then just hit the boss on floors C, D and E, then on floor F, make sure you hit all the rooms to get the raven that’s due to be there.

Your answer basically just says “if you skip rooms you’ll miss ravens.” That’s common sense. My question is WHAT metric says “Ok this floor/room is due for a raven.”

Once you get a raven you are safe to go direct to the Boss Room.
As far as I can remember (I have never tracked it) ravens don’t appear two levels in a row. So if you got a raven in say level 50 you are probably safe to go directly to Boss Room in level 60.
Please correct me if I am wrong on this!

I think for the next faction event I’ll track it all.

It’s quite clear that for single day events, to complete all 8 levels of the rewards, you need to buy a 30 gem single-sigil boost. You find 2 ravens on your way to level 90, where you’ll complete the event. Also, I’ve noticed, that there is almost always another raven ON level 90.

Next week I’ll track how many rooms I do between ravens, and which floors they appear on.

The week after, I’ll speed run floors that did NOT have ravens on them the previous week, and fully clear floors that did, and see if Ravens are still there. If they ARE, it’s pretty clear it’s floor based. If not, it’s probably room based. I’ll keep track of how many rooms I clear until I see ravens.

After doing that, it should be pretty apparent how it works. Unfortunately, I won’t have any usable info for 2 weeks, since I’m already well into the event this week. Wish I thought of that before I started.

This is not true on all but it is on some.


I tend to agree, there have been times I bought a single sigil and finished with 1 sigil remaining however. The norm is that at least 1 buy in is required.

For 1 day events, if I’m not going to 500, I buy 2 times - the explosion is cheap and speeds runs up. My strategy has been:

Complete each floor till you find a raven. After defeating that room, kill the boss. Go straight to boss on next level as well. Continue clearing each floor until you find a raven. Rinse repeat.

While I’ve heard people mention finding ravens on consecutive floors; I’ve never seen it (playing ~1 year, however).

You’re wrong on this. Ravens are directly tied to how many rooms you do. If you do a room with a Raven and then skip to the boss, it will take you just as many rooms to get another Raven, and since you’ve skipped rooms, you now need to do that many more rooms to see another Raven.

You’re right that Ravens generally will not appear back to back in floors. But you aren’t going to do Room 1 on Floor 1, get a Raven, skip to boss, do the shortest path to the boss, and then immediately get a raven on Floor 3.

That is definitely the fastest way to get to 500, and generally speaking on Tuesdays, it’s very time intensive to do every room on every floor (that’s 49 floors, including Level 500, since you start at level 20). However, if you wanted to do it with spending as few gems as possible, you would want to do every room.

Now, the easiest argument against that is that you get 3 sigils for 200 gems on Tier 7. In fact, all the shop costs are less than normal events (30, 60, 120, 200, 300, 400, 200 – compared to for instance Tower of Doom which is 30, 70, 150, 250, 350, 500, then I think it’s still 500 for 20 sigils).

And with those 3 sigils, you’ll probably get a Raven, so you’re looking at maybe 4-5 sigils, on average, for 200 gems at Tier 7. That’s 400-600 gems to complete a block of 100. And buying all 7 tiers alone is only 1310 gems and gets you 15 sigils.

And consider that you can always complete level 80 without purchasing any sigils (although you won’t always complete Stage 8 of Rewards). Here’s what it looks like:

Level Sigils Ravens
20 3 0
30 4 1
40 3 0
50 2 0
60 3 1
70 2 0
80 1 0

The sigils column is how many you have at the start of that level. So at the start of level 90, I would have 0 sigils and I would need to purchase more. If I purchased Tiers 1 through 7 for 1310 gems AND I got a Raven every third floor, I would reach 500 with 2 sigils remaining. However, that’s assuming you do get 1 raven EVERY third floor. In the case of All of Guardians, if you’re skipping straight to the boss, that means you’re only doing 3 rooms per floor instead of 9. And like I said, I’m pretty sure Ravens are tied to the # of rooms you do, not the floors, so if you’re skipping 6 rooms every floor, I don’t think you’ll reliably get 1 raven every 3 floors.

90 17 1
100 16 0
110 15 0
120 16 1
130 15 0
140 14 0
150 15 1
160 14 0
170 13 0
180 14 1
190 13 0
200 12 0
210 13 1
220 12 0
230 11 0
240 12 1
250 11 0
260 10 0
270 11 1
280 10 0
290 9 0
300 10 1
310 9 0
320 8 0
330 9 1
340 8 0
350 7 0
360 8 1
370 7 0
380 6 0
390 7 1
400 6 0
410 5 0
420 6 1
430 5 0
440 4 0
450 5 1
460 4 0
470 3 0
480 4 1
490 3 0
500 2 0

It’s entirely dependent on the points for each delve. There are many delves with higher treasure multipliers. Hall of Guardians is not one of them. The highest I’ve seen today, for instance, was 1.3x. That directly is responsible for not being able to complete Stage 8 of Rewards.

For instance, let’s look at level 90 for me:

Room Points Multiplier Total Multiplier
1 945 1.10 2.1
2 1057.5 1.25 2.35
3 1192.5 1.30 2.65
4 1305 1.25 2.9
5 1417.5 1.25 3.15
6 1507.5 1.20 3.35
7 1575 1.15 3.5
8 1642.5 1.15 3.65
Boss 7020 1.25 3.9

This is in order of highest multiplier to lowest, that I can do (for instance, I have to do the first and second room in order, then I can jump to the 1.3 room).

That gives me a total of 17,663 points for that floor. Let’s say every single floor is like that…

Floor Points
Level 20 3925
Level 30 5887
Level 40 7850
Level 50 9812
Level 60 11775
Level 70 13788
Level 80 15700
Total points: 68737

That’s PRETTY close to what I actually have for total points, but it’s actually lower, which means some floors were even worse for points.

You need 70,000 points to collect all Stage 1-8 Rewards. I am 2,309 points below completing it. What would Level 80 needed to look like to get those extra points? Well, if level 80 did look like this (based on level 90):

Level 80
Room Points Multiplier
1 840 1.10
2 940 1.25
3 1060 1.30
4 1160 1.25
5 1260 1.25
6 1340 1.20
7 1400 1.15
8 1460 1.15
Boss 6240 1.25
Total points: 15700 x

Then my total points would needed to have been 18009 from it. To get that, I would have needed the multipliers to be:

Level 80
Room Points Multiplier
1 840 1.10
2 1040 1.50
3 1180 1.35
4 1320 1.35
5 1440 1.30
6 1560 1.30
7 1640 1.20
8 1720 1.20
Boss 7280 1.25
Total points: 18020 x


Level 80
Room Points Multiplier
1 840 1.10
2 1040 1.50
3 1240 1.50
4 1380 1.35
5 1520 1.35
6 1580 1.15
7 1640 1.15
8 1680 1.10
Boss 7120 1.25
Total points: 18040 x

Hall of Guardians just kind of sucks for treasure multipliers though.


I took note from my perfect runs, I did all factions except crypt keepers with potions. And the valraven always appear:
1st (20-30)
2nd (50-60)
3rd (90-100)
4th (140-150)
5th (180)
6th (230)
7th (280)
8th (330-340)
9th (380-400)
10th (430-450)
11th (490-500)
After that
530-550, 580-600, 630-650, 680-700, …

I made 2 videos in my channel aswell. 1 perfect run, and the other speedrun. When I searched the specific floors on speedrun the pattern always change. BTW I always goes for a perfect run, so I don’t have much experience on speedrun.

I think you would need to check room number rather than floor. I agree with igniteice in that it is based on number of rooms, with some small variance, much like normal valravens seem to be. probably just on a larger scale.

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Ok. I’m going to note it, later I’ll post the results.

@igniteice thanks a ton for that breakdown. Thats exactly what I was hoping to see, and it saves me time now in having to figure those numbers out for myself.

@Texugo-928 In that chart you list, the number in ()'s - is that the number of rooms you need to complete before seeing the raven, or the floor number the raven appears on?

And when you say your “perfect” runs, I assume you mean “cleared all rooms before doing the boss room”?

I might still track it out and see what my exact numbers look like. Though this data tells me I can save a week and not bother speed running to see if the ravens still appear on the same floors.

I wish there was a log you could view in game. For the first time ever, I decided to dump the gems and get to 500 yesterday for the Hall of Guardians delve. First observation: Thats just punishment. It’s not fun. Took up most of my day and it made me enjoy the game a lot less because of the feeling of “I have to finish.”

Aside from that… I’m not sure how many ravens I saw. I got royally SCREWED doing the pure faction lv 500 run like 5-6 times where magical skull cascades allowed their single last troop in room 1 or 2 to skullf*ck my entire team to death, or at least killed enough of my guys that continuing to try and complete it would have been an exercise in frustration, so I bailed and tried again. So I had to spend more gems than I wanted to. So even if I tried to backtrack the math, I couldn’t tell how many ravens I found overall.

the number in ()'s means the floor number the raven appears on.

Perfect run means that I cleared all rooms before doing the boss room, I didn’t lost any valraven and i didn’t lost any battle.