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Is this troop worth crafting?

I only have 10 Celestials to my name and I find them very hard to come by, probably takes me about 3-4 weeks to get 10. I don’t use Explore all that often BTW.

Euryali - She seems pretty good and I hear that she is great with the Bard class (Do not have Bard fully traited yet) Pretty much the question is, is Euryali worth 3 weeks of gameplay?

Scylla - She only costs 4 Traitstones but Legendaries are fairly easy to get. I really want a troop that goes well with “Thingamabob” and she seems to be the only one.

Thanks ppl.

This depends a lot on which other mythic troops you already have… I wouldn’t craft scylla, Euryali is good but it’s not the best mythic available (that would be infernus for me, at the moment), so waiting might be your best option at the moment.

Yup famine and infernus should be your top priority they are good in attack and defense also very useful for guild war

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Pharos Ra should be a priority too.

I have (in no particular order)

The Worldbreaker
Ketras the Bull
Queen Aurora
Jontar Stormshield

I see you don’t have aby, i think i would wait for her instead of euryali

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You have Scorpious, Euryali can work really well with him.

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Euryali is pretty good, unfortunately very few good Naga to help with team support

In a nutshell, I am looking for more fun troops than good ones. I have plenty of Super powered, win Guild Wars troops but I like collecting new fun troops. I do love exploder troops, Abby>Euryali in fun?

Both are fun but i found more team where i can place aby

Both are summoner but aby explode gems and give +1 att and life every turn, this grow up very quickly

I like euryali cuz after summon its good to watch opponent attack bone Naga and kill themselves. I sometimes leave skull gems just for this

You guys aren’t making this easy… lol

I appreciate the feedback

I would say go for euryali while she avalaible don’t you want every troop? :slight_smile:

I do, for sure and am going to craft one of them, coin flip it is.

I am also waiting to fully trait some of my Mythics, especially Ketras the Beast!

I just realized though, doesn’t true damage give less points on GW, because of this I may go Abby.

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I would wait. The selections this week are good, but since you have to use very precious resources to get them, it’s not so exciting to trade for good. Wait until there is great or excellent available.

If I didn’t have Infernus…I would wait for him.

He’s here!

I have to pass this time, too few Diamonds. Damn.

Wait for Gard’s Avatar, he’s real good on PvP (kinda crappy on defense though). Elemaugrim and Abynissia are also quite decent Mythic troops.

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