Mythic troops worth crafting in Soulforge

Every now and them these questions shows up on forums:
“Which mythic should I craft?”
“What mythics are worth crafting?”

So I decided to make a place, where I (or any other helpful soul, if i wont be here), would recommend a mythic every week, based on what is currently avaible in soulforge. Sometimes there might be few of them, sometimes I might write that none is worth crafting.

So, for current week we got:
Ubastet - decent troop, especialy if you combine him with some extra attack stacking. Good for pvp. Also seen some decent teams featuring Ubastet for ToD, or other events where there aren’t many troops immune to instant kill mechanic.
High King Irongut - good for lvl 250+ faction runs as well as d12 explore
The Scourge of Honor - good for daily cleanup of underground, 1shots most of rooms up to lvl 50 (varies, depending on player stats/bonuses)

other troops in pool:
Queen Aurora - craft it only, if you need it for Power Levels in Silverglade, (but even than, Will of Nysha is probably a better pick)

Legendaries are generaly not worh crafting at all → you’re better off hunting for them with event keys while respective kingdom is up.


For current week I’m realy confused what to recommend.

I’ve seen Sycorax is popular in some builds arround him. He also has some fans on forums. Personaly i don’t use him very often.
Undine is one of older mythics, not sure how good he was on release, but he doesn’t seem to be any good. Just compare him with Gray King for example… who is much more flexible.
Mambasira - it’s just a bigger and more mana costly version of Lasher… not sure if that +1 to green on start of turn makes a lot differance.
Quetzalma - don’t own it, but it could probably fit into Stryx team, followed up 1-3 Finesse. Not sure how good or bad it is. Maybe owners will have more insight.

So… I would recommend saving up your diamonds for more usefull troops. Undine and Mambasira are probably biggest dustcollectors from the 4 above. Sycorax and Quetzalma can see some play in specific builds - so if you realy want to get a mythic in current week → pick one of them.

At one point, Undine was obnoxious to deal with as Blue had very limited good Impervious/Immune to Silence options. Troops like Mercy and Apothecary didn’t matter if they were silenced. (No Zuul’Goth, No Beetrix, No Cedric medals, No Bless etc)

I’m still pretty against the idea that Sycorax is an Elemental/Mystic instead of an Elemental/Giant like every other Troll.

That lack of consistency all over has hurt the flavor and lore of this game.

It took years for them to clean up the 50% mana start text.

That stated, Sycorax is useable, though its not really good for quick game play, which makes up 99% of this game. Same thing that holds Shahbanu Vespera back.


Sycorax is one of my favorites. He’s deadly in the right teams. Like @TheIdleOne says he’s slow, but once charged can take over a game. Especially with a storm of his color you can spam him over and over, charging everyone else and triggering those 4+ matching traits at will.

In the weekly events where you start with explosions and enchant, he’s a ticket to some deadly infinitely-scaling teams.

Not as useful in Guild Wars or PVP really, so he’s more of a nice-to-have if you’re still working on better teams there.

@polyester , @TheIdleOne
thx for your insights on this week

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Sycorax with a Leaf Storm and Queen B is broken-tier. LOL


Ok, Another week and here’s what we got:

Kurandara - for many it’s better version of Kurandara than Enraged one. One of good mythics.
Ishtara - pretty useless, same as Elemaugrim… Dragon Claw doesn’t have usefull mythics…
Shahbanu Vespera - seen her few times with mono-blue mono-yellow or mono-purple teams… usualy with an Imp of that color. But apart from such mono-colored teams, wouldn’t see much use of her…
“Tian Yi” - nothing crazy, but his damage can be realy nice, and ability to summon up to 3 monkeys who can feed him with mana and health is also quite nice

Kurandara - craft it
Tian Yi/ Shahabanu Verspera → you might craft them, if you want… they aren’t amazing, but are quite decent ones…
Ishtara - i’d put her into “craft only for kingdom power levels” category…

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Shahbanu is nice with : finesse shahb doomedaxe finesse. Helped my thru a couple of delve500’s


It baffle me how Kurandara is better than his “Upgraded” version.

Its realy a matter of personal preferance:
One groupd of players prefer their Kurandara to be Indestructable and have that % to curse all on begining of your turn. (Enraged Kurandara fans)
Other group prefers having chance to curse all on match 4 and don’t care that much about Indestructable (normal Kurandara fans).

I’m just pointing out point of view these 2 groups have. Its basicialy depends on your playstyle and preferences…

It’s not better.


  • targets a single enemy
  • only has a chance to curse when matching 4+ gems (not always an option)
  • only impervious: susceptible to lethal damage, mana drain, transform

Enraged Kurandara

  • damages all enemies (and this would only be a downside if every enemy was always submerged)
  • has a chance to curse at beginning of turn (you don’t have to do anything on your part)
  • Invulnerable: immune to lethal damage, transform, and mana drain

It can be a downside, when you want to hit exact enemy and he is submerged. But I generaly agree with you. Just saying there are different points of view. People seem to overevaluate anything that comes with match 4+ …

I’ll take the curse on match vs a 40% chance every time.

Unless I am the AI, then that 40% chance is more like 75%.

The only team I ever use him on is HKI. I’m cycling the board every turn I’m not casting HKI, so The % on turn is useless to me.

I guess we all have our own opinions and styles in the end.

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Another week:

Scorpius - was quite popular back in the days with Euryali, for his instant kills on poisoned troops.
Still quite strong troop. Maybe not a top tier, but definately along those worth buying.
Gargantaur - it’s just trash, dont waste diamonds on this fellow, unless it’s one of last mythics you’re missing
Pharaoh Nefertani - Mediocre mythic, unless you’re a fan of Death Mark Effect. Although used her in last Khetar Event in team with Ankhnum…
Dao - don’t have him yet, so a bit hard for me to tell if he’s usefull or not, but basing on his spell/traits, I’d rank him Below Nefertani…

This week i’d sort Mythics: Scorpius > Pharaoh Nefertani > Dao > anything > Gargantaur

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Another week(looks like i’ve missed one, doh…):

Queen of Sins - quite good mythic, especialy if you can grab her in early stages of game
Archdeva - Archdeva on it’s own is… terrible, it needs a troop to buff, that will be main damage dealer. It’s great with troops like: Rowanne, Gaard’s Avatar, Tesla, Kethras the Bull
Death - dont see it at all in later stages of the game, maybe a decent one in early stage, fact that it’s from Apocalypse makes it less desirable because it won’t meet any requirements for power levels, it also makes him a bit harder to get from keys (as you will never get this troop from event keys), but if you’re going for style points → having 4 horseman of Apocalypse is a must :wink:
The Worldbraker - dont see him play at all, maybe a decent one in early stage

This week it would be:
Queen of Sins > Archdeva > The Worldbraker > Death
Or if you go for style points:
Death > Queen of Sins > Archdeva > The Worldbraker

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When will we get ironhawk?

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Has it ever been in the forge before? I’ve been waiting for it some time now too🥺

It was available in May. Looking forward to it.

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