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Help me choose my next Mythic to craft!

Hey guys! So, I’ve (luckily) gotten all of the mythics that I, personally, considered ones I wanted.

However, now I’m in the situation of being close to be able to crafting another and not even sure what to get? Can anyone help me decide which mythic would be the next best one to craft? Thanks!

Mythics I have (all fully traited except for Death):

Gard’s Avatar
Pharos-Ra (x2)

Mythics I don’t have:

Queen Aurora
Yasmine’s Chosen
(or, wait until a new, better one comes out)


You’ve got the best ones.

Of the rest: I’d say Yasmine is the best, but also Euryali or Scorpius or Aurora can be viable / fun to use.


Yasmine euryali or aurora depending of you style of play, scorpius also good

Could make a case for Abynissia. You have enough mythics for damage. Aby gives you board explosion and a summon which can be a nice change of pace for some teams.


A 3rd Pharos-Ra. :smiley:


Yasmine’s Chosen and Aurora are both underrated in my opinion. Aurora is a bit situational, though; YC is easier to fit into a team. So I would vote for her.

Plague, however, is my personal enemy because I cannot win against Plague. Means that if you want to beat me for whatever reason, pick Plague.


I’d agree with this. I use Abynissia on 3 of my 6 GW teams exactly because she gives a board explosion, a good summon and her 3rd trait gives constant boosts to herself and other daemons. She went from “meh” to “amazing” for me once GW started. Skadi uses the same Arcanes and could potentially fill the same slot (powerful summoner with fringe benefits), but I don’t think her utility is quite as high overall. Freeze and reorder opponents is usually less useful to me than a board explosion, but now that I think of it, I might sub her in against Goblin teams where the freeze would be very useful. I need to think about that one a bit…

Wulfgarok is the other one that I have that you don’t that I actually use. He is quite niche, but has his uses (last-slot impervious clean-up batter on my green/beast team and similar role plus stat-booster on my Amira team).

I don’t have Aurora, Scorpius, Euryali or Yasmine so can’t comment with any authority on them.

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I say Scorpius because I love his 3rd trait using him with War/Ketras/Gorg/Lady Ironbeard/Fire Giant and other awesome browns. Obviously Wyvern is great with Scorpius too.

Jontar is good fully traited on red GW days to counter those dreaded Dwarf teams. Alchemist/GR/GR/Jontar.

Straying off topic somewhat, but I find those Anariel+Plague teams easy to beat, either with MawMercy or a CatAlch loop team… pm me if you’ve not got those working nicely yet…

My vote is for Gargantaur. And I’m disappointed I don’t see him on your list.

Edit: never mind, you already have him.

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Xathenos :)) for me very good troop :wink:

Answering off-topic: I can get these guys to work just fine when it comes to killing Anariel+Plague, but yeah, GW and colors for extra points and stuff… I get Anariel+Plague a lot on purple days (as Kraken-counter, since Plague in last slot is impervious).

Was that a serious vote, though? Like, have you found the secret to Gargantaur that everyone seems to be seeking? (I don’t have him, I wouldn’t know.)

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Very serious.

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You might want to post in the Gargantaur thread then and share your genius? Because everyone there is complaining.:sweat_smile:

Oh, I complaint there too.

But now you’ve figured it out? Because why else vote for him if you were serious. While I don’t have Gargantaur, I have some others from the list of not-yet-gotten troops and think they are awesome and better than Gargantaur.

This forum used to be fun.


I would go with Euryali. Using her with the Bard class (Dawnbringer weapon in particular) is amazing.

Wulfgarok would be my second choice. I think the strategy of getting him to within his striking range makes him one of the most fun troops in the game.

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I’d say either:

Euryali (useful for its colors)
Scorpius (stat buff is useful)
Skadi (bue perma storm has potential use)
Stonehammer (9 star kingdom for tributes)
Xathanos (no other way to get it)
Yasmine’s Chosen (sometimes its good)

Doomclaw and Jotnar are going to be in event chest soon/soonish, otherwise I’d suggest Jotnar has value.

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That’s what I was gonna say…

There aren’t any ‘must have’ Mythics on the second list. Abynissia, Aurora, possibly Euryali or Wulfgarok.

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