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Is This the Beginning of the End of Gems of War? Or is it Just Me?

I’ve been noticing a rising level of toxicity on chat, in the forums, and even within guilds lately. I am not sure if it’s the guild nerfs that have left veteran players frustrated, angry, and with nothing to do (idle hands), the ongoing cheating suspicions, the sudden influx of newer players with entitlement issues, or something else/all of the above.

It feels like this game and its culture has taken a sharp downturn from when I first started playing just a few scant months ago. Times were that I would stand amazed at how helpful and respectful the community was. Now, it seems there’s an air of hostility that lingers and can’t be escaped. NOTE: I am fully aware that I have also taken part in such toxicity in the past and have been/will be attempting to be a better person.

Now, don’t get me wrong…it’s not ALL bad, and there is still a lot of good people around with good intentions and actions. I still look forward to interacting with so very many here. Still, something feels much different lately.

Do others feel this way too? Can anything be done? Or is it just me? Thanks for all thoughts in advance!


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Mmmm I think it’s just you…

Well I think we’ve been without mods here (both on forums & in the game) for a couple of weeks, which has probably contributed to a small downswing in some attitudes. But we’re back now :imp:

As far as the health of the game since 2.1 all of the numbers in our analytics are up too… not to say that a few players haven’t left or have grumbled a bit about fewer Gems & Glory Keys, but all indications are that we’re quite healthy.


I think it’s just you in the sense that you can still find people to interact that will make your experience richer. There will be also people that won’t…

I have in mind that i’m much more responsible for my own happyness than random strangers i’ll meet IRL or on-line. I never expect much, but i also keep an open mind looking for what people can offer and if it’s good for my experience, then, i can dedicate some energy and try to offer my best as well.
If not, i can just move along. There are amazing and interesting people out there, no need to waste your energy with the shallow ones. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input.

I’ve definitely noticed a bit more on the forums for a while now (not just two weeks) but I stay out of Global and there’s nothing wrong in my guild chat.

I could name a couple of names but obviously that’s not kosher … I think we can blame a few things, including the guild task nerf (that is what it is…) and even some PC vs Console stuff.

I’ve noticed that also. The global chat is so sour about everything related to game. People are complaining all over the chats about bots and exploiting, about lower drop rate of legendaries/mythics for non VIPs or even the cuts on resources from guilds ( donno why actually coz someone said the nerf will touch only 0,17%(?) of population :wink: )and its like every single day, for some time now.
What can be done? Well if we talk about the bots, I believe that what can be detected is being tracked and neutralised. The rest, that cant be detected in any way, well we cant do anything about it for now.
About lower drop rate for non VIPs, Im sure devs will say that rates are the same and they didnt touch anything :smiley:
About the nerfed resources from guilds - for this moment, whats done is done, there can be small changes in the future but generally the reward system wont change, so the best thing to do is just to get over it or quit if you really cant handle it.

The main problem is, that people got too much of free time now. They feel no need to do any activities in game after they reach their limits (not all ofc) and this is why they sit and moan :smiley:


Probably this, primarily. I personally just go on to do other things when I’m bored or frustrated in-game, but with chat being more readily available anywhere, the cries and moans can sometimes get to be poltergeist levels of unrest. :ghost:

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i think its not just you but i cant really tell as my guild isnt so hardcore to have tasks completed so soon in the week… but just personally if we did tasks in first 2 days i get a feeling id get bored of game within like 2 months of it. a little sad but the feeing of accomplishement for the grind was heavily reduced after the point of tasks finished - and that leaves a bad taste. i only hope that wont be the case for heavy spenders as then the game could suffer

Well I’m glad that this thread has highlighted (1) that the game is healthy and (2) that the devs are back and watching closely.

Definitely looking forward to more weekly tasks for guilds - mythic tasks or whatever they will be called!

Toxicity levels change throughout the day i notice, both in forum (some are bound to certain threads if you know what i mean) and others are unbound and find themselves in group chat, but as far is my guild chat goes everything is tame and everyone seems to be happy as far as changes are going in-game and in-guild. The time of day can have an effect on toxicity as well as time of week. People are more likely (at least from what i have observed) to be toxic at the beginning of the week, such as monday, and toward the end of the week, friday or saturday as an example. Some with times of day however i can not narrow the times as easily as the days but for me it is more morning and night time that things get toxic but when the afternoon and mid-morning comes around things get calm. That is not to say gems is getting more toxic, just that sometime outside influences that the devs can not control is affecting toxicity. Has it run rampant? For me no, it is beyond easy to avoid, like avoiding tumblr or facebook, to avoid politics. there is also the problem with the mind as well that it will more readily remember bad things than good. This too can have an effect on toxicity. I do fight against those who blame people for using bots, however i myself can probably reproduce such instances. Not everyone who tops uses or runs to, or knows about the forums. There are people like me who can sit down and do a repetitive task over and over again that would drive someone bonkers and i would be fine. That is something that is hard to wrap your brain around but it is doable. The biggest issue is dev communication, it seems like there was a blackout time where the devs did not answer or communicate with the players and this has caused friction, but they are back to apply the lube where they can with the game. The devs are very open with the players and are a playful bunch including @Sirrian. They are open to new ideas, and have implimented those ideas into the game. Also there are those that are quick to wine but slow to dine. That means they are quick to report someone on the forums but slow to report them via staff methods. This too adds to toxicity, but again it is reasonable and we have rules against such misused methods aka callouts. Toxicity is not to considerable levels and the game is still worth the price of admission so keep on trucking on, (also i am planning a competition soon for all the forum goers, but it is taking longer than expected.)


The beginning of the end for a number of the current top end players. It seems they are easily replaced though.


You scared them off again…

Yep, that’s how it is with all games.

If I recall: years and years ago Bungie did a study of players leaving Halo. What they found is those players that post, comment, chat about quitting don’t actually stop playing the game. The actual population of those that stop playing simply move on with no fanfare what so ever.


Indeed, no point getting over invested, it is just a game after all


This, coming from a guy who I’ve been told is one of the more toxic posters on Global Chat himself?