Curious about social/competitive guilds in the top 100

Let me preface this by saying that I’m relatively content with the guild I’m in at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to jump ship if I find what I’m looking for.

I understand that Gems of War’s guild system (and the style of the game itself) isn’t very conducive to social play. In the past, I’ve been part of high-tier guilds in other games (specifically MMOs.) I was the GM of several guilds over the course of three to four years in Order & Chaos. As anyone who’s played that game knows, it’s not exactly known for its robust guild options, especially in the six months after release when there were no dungeons, no PvP arenas, and a majority of PvP was ganking noobs. Still, we managed to make the social aspect of the game fun thanks to a vibrant community and an active forum base, in spite of its bare-bones nature. Every major guild had an active teamspeak server, formal tournaments were announced on forums, and short story contests were held (not stories based on the lore of the game, but stories about actual players, guilds, and their rivalries and personality quirks.) This made a relatively mundane game so much fun to play!

So my question is: Are their any top 100 guilds (PC/mobile) with real personality? Guilds with active Facebook groups, TS servers (a stretch for Gems, I know,) events, trolls, strong hatred for other guilds, strange practices, an interest in community-building, etc.? If such a guild exists in Gems, I’d love know about it. Real online community entices me so.

In case you’re wondering, I’m level 82 (my overall level took a hit when I went through a long treasure map phase,) all kingdoms between level 5 and 6, active for 3-6 hours 4-5 days a week, far too generous with task donations, have only recently started PvP on a regular basis, and am primarily using Zaejin teams until future updates nerf the living **** out of them.

Let’s make Gems more engaging. Otherwise, we might as well go play [a certain game that involves matching pieces of candy, bright colors, and thousands of unwanted notifications.]

Brackets because I’m too lazy to check the forum’s ToS to clarify whether or not mentioning other games is taboo.

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On Match Masters we use a Facebook group to comunicate with eachother but it’s often really used only to share news, feedbacks and concerns. The vast majority of our members are really active on this forum and know by a fact, some of them are really try-harding for community-building. We have a Sister Guild but we don’t use them as a farm, they have their own members but they follow our same rules and share ideas together.

As a GM myself, I’ve been thinking about how to make the in-game guild enviroment more social, but we are highly hand tighted (If that’s a word) with the current in-game chat system, which, to be honest and this only represents my personal opinion, it’s complety garbage.

I totally agree with you on this game needing more social activities, it would be awesome to have a rather decent in-game chat or a chat lobby system for inter guilds comunications, I mean, who don’t love a good troll, and also a dueling system would sky rocket this game to a high and enjoyable social level.

Sidenote: I don’t think mentioning other games is taboo, I’ve even see the game developers do it themselves so it shouldn’t be a problem on any meaning.

With love, Me. :v:


In that case, let’s replace those brackets with CANDY CRUSH!

I would say rainmaker is like match masters also!

What you mean good Sir? I’ve never play that.

I’m not a member of a top 100 guild on here because I’m still working on getting my kingdoms to 10(9 in 5 weeks isnt bad I guess) but based on what I’ve seen there isn’t much rivalry. I attribute that more to there being no real reason to be #1 other than more people want to join you. There is no real competition and the pvp is against the AI so it’s all really a PVE game with the only community aspect being you get free stuff if you join/donate to a guild. Unlike most other app/mmo type games you don’t have competition and without competition you don’t get much rivalry outside of a little jabbing here and there. Would love to see events where guild vs guild with tiered rewards that other games use or even daily wars like clash of clan would be nice.

I think the Clash of Clans model sounds like a phenomenal idea! What they did with clan wars was great!

I would say it’s universal fact. Better than what it used to be, but still garbage.

I can’t wait for improved guild functionality. Ways to post announcements longer than a tweet, ways to reward members who do exceptionally well in a given week, somewhere to post ideas/suggestions/polls.



I’d say the reason for clash of clans succees is exactly because of their chat and guild system. I myself played CoC for almost a year just because of the guild (game itself gets boring after couple weeks). Implementing a chat system like the one clash of clans has would be huge + a guild wars would make even bigger, and this game would become massively popular.
Just imagine being able to chat with your team with ease and no stupid restrictions. Now imagine a guild war system where you get to invade another guild :open_mouth: Every player could invade 2-3 players from enemy team, first team to defeat all players from opposing guild could receive some small reward (or a big one, why not). Guild ranking could be there of determined with number of successful attacks during guild war, and could replace this trophies ranking system which isn’t really that interesting.

i played a game awhile back that pitted guilds vs one another in an all or nothing battle for what ever the prize was. It was eh puzzle pirates or something. You would go and fight anoher team everyone that was there it 10v10-20v20 what ever 1 giant puzzle until 1 team was left with people won the prize. If gems could get something like that going it would make pvp actually a lot more fun. Right now pvp is pretty much simplistic and your loss is completely based off missing a move, or being unlucky on what drops more often then not.