A community like no other!

Ok, so i have felt compelled to write a thread regarding my recent experience here and in global chat, something i have never experienced before in my MANY games and their related communities.

Recently the guild Unrepentant had created an active, casual, guild to compliment the family we have established there (and no moderator this is NOT a recruitment thread, lol) So i posted here, like the many many others looking for members. I spammed the global chat, like many many others. But in doing so discovered something i did not expect. Here (forum) i noticed other guild leaders, with they’re own recruiting threads, promoting seekers to join Purgatory (the newly sister guild of Unrepentant)! I was humbled and grateful for such kindness. My recruiting thread also was getting likes and shares from other guilds and there respective leaders! Then, during my annoying spam recruiting in global, i was taken aback by how many respectable active players, many from “competing” guilds, encouraging seekers to join Purgatory! Expressing their love of the members of Unrepentant.

I can honestly say i have never been so grateful and proud to be a part of the Gems of War community! It is obvious to me and to many others what is going on here within forum, global, and the extending branches, that their is something special here. I wanted to take the timeto thank there devs for the continual effort they put into expanding this, already very deep faceted game, to new heights and keeping it current and growing (tbh i have no idea how you all do it!). I wanted to also thank the moderators and all their respective “helpers” for running and keeping this site current and commend them on its growth! A little while back i wss given the oppertunity to moderate a popular “base games” forum, but could not allot the time in my, atm very hectic, life to manage and grow its community. Im not sure many people know how difficult it is to not only manage but GROW a site like this! Especially withthe countless other options available in this day and age. So again thank you to those involved!

Concluding (i get a little wordy to those new to my posts, lol), i had to write and share in my discovery that all of this has only been possible by each players, dev, moderators, etc, contribution. This is truly a COMMUNITY! And it’s one I’m proud and grateful to be apart of :slight_smile:

P.S. if you agree PLEASE reply to thread, even a few words, so it can stay current as well as solidify what i said is true.

*founder/co- founder of Unrepentant,
*co- founder/“leader” of Purgatory
*forum member 1 yr :smiley: (just got my badge :))


Nice, thanks for joining.


Nice! And yeah, the community is the main reason for my return to GoW after I had to take a break due to moving countries. It is truly one of the best communities I’ve seen in a online game.

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I also heartily agree. I had started this game some time ago and created my own guild. No recruiting or posts. BUt it seemed that I had topped out. I was going into what seemed like a very long grinding session. I started looking and reached out to Purgatory. Litletre was very nice and I quickly agreed to disband my own and join his. Already in a little over a week (or has it been two already?) I find myself chatting with others, have my avatar level up and seeing my monster collection grow because of all the tasks that are completed because EVERYONE is involved. I try to pump back into the guild what I can so that the newer, lower level people have the same opportunity as I to increase in size and scope. Thanks again and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.



+1 :point_up_2: Really cool to see and be a part of the evolution. Looking forward to great things in 2017!

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I agree Freak, 2017 is going to be sweet! Guild wars for one thing…and who knows what other rabbit they got the hat

Need help, ask here, someone will offer it.
It truly is a great community.

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I only started playing a couple of weeks ago and besides the purchase of the Deathknight armor, I’ve been advancing through just picking up tips here, on YouTube and various sites like the wikis and ashtender. I’ve been lucky enough to run across the Purgatory recruitment thread when I did because it’s already full up and the members are awesome. I’ve even taken up mentorship roles that early on and seen others whom I’ve passed on tips and advice on I’ve picked up, pass it on in turn and feel like they’re really making progress not just within the game itself in terms of leveling but also in terms of understanding concepts and strategies.

All of this combined has made this an incredibly fun game to play. Much more than the game features on their own. It’s actually quite incredible that for someone who cannot stand the concept of MMOs and PVP because of the people and trolling elements is actually loving that very thing about this game. The game seems almost troll proof and the userbase is super helpful. Despite there being a PVP element and a “competitiveness” to the game it just doesn’t feel that way for the most part and that makes it super easy to be supportive of everyone, both in your guild and elsewhere.

I would just like to take a moment and echo litletre’s comments and thank everyone here for making newcomers to the game so welcome and helping us advance as quickly as we can… and more than anyone, the devs who are truly earning their stripes, both in the community aspect and response speed as well as updating game content and keeping things as bug free as possible. This is one I can see myself sticking to for a long time to come. :slight_smile:


welcome to heaven! :grin:
just kidding, we fights daemons, undeads and all sorts of evil every day so this cannot be a heaven… :sweat_smile:
yes the community is great, it even sink me in the forums while i normally stay away from any and every kind of forum… the community is friendly and open so much it makes me want to share :heartpulse:


Yea this community but not only that, the admins roaming around global and the support site is literally the best support team I’ve ever seen… they are so quick to respond helpful and in sync and they entertain my cheesy jokes when they are on global :blush:

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I just have joined Purgatory a day ago. I have played many games before GOW and I am amazed about the GOW community and really impressed with the kindness of the Purgatory team and members!
It feels like coming home after all those years roaming around toxic game communities.

Looking forward to be here for a long time!

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the plug purgatory :slight_smile:

i think its great how many people appreciate all you guys do behind the lines. I had a recent example when a guild mate sent a message to the Devs regarding loss of items. They not only responded promptly but refunded loss and then some!

Thanks again for all your hardwork