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I think I’m done

I think I’m done with Gems of War. I’ve been playing from the beginning and I think I’ve stayed just to keep getting having all the troops. I dread playing even a couple games for GW and Dungeons anymore. I think my main reason is soooo many of the troops are obsolete and can’t compete with new troops and/or a majority of new troops are junk. Not a fan of the new AI. It just isn’t fun anymore. After this week I’m done for awhile, maybe it’ll be better if I take a break for a few months or a year.

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1000s of people is leaving games all the time for all kind of reasons, everyday. Totally normal. May I ask why you need to make a thread out of leaving a game? What is so important about you leaving? I am just curious to hear.

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Community Guidelines also say no more creating threads about leaving the game.

Per @Saltypatra

No Leaving the Game Threads

There has been a huge increase in the amount of these recently, and we feel that they do not further the conversation. (Especially because most of the people making them come back!) Any leaving the game threads will be deleted from here on out. If you are leaving the game (which is fine!) please contact your friends and guildies privately with ways to interact with you outside of the game and/or forums.

We would also encourage you to contact us with the reasons you are leaving the game if you feel particularly strongly about it.