Is there real PvP?

the arena claims it is pvp by saying “play against other players”, but it seem too AI like to be another person if you ask me. and i’m pretty sure that invading is simply an AI using the player’s troops.

That’s because it is. lol Bear that in mind when you set up a defense team; the dumb choices the AI makes will affect your team’s ability to play well. In general, I’d say while gem transformers are better than gem creators because the latter are too random, for your defense team the randomness is just fine because they’re likely to do stupid things with gem transformers anyway.

For instance, I once saw a Keeper of Souls transform a color to skulls and not get a single match, when changing another color would have gotten 4/5 in a row matches. On the other hand, gem creators controlled by the AI can get just as lucky as you can. So yeah, use the random stuff in your defense team.