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Is there a bug in soulforge?

i just visited the soulforge and i could upgrade it for 200 jewels.
when i go to the weapons folder it shows me i have only 2 ?
or is this another jewel type than the one for the upgrade ?
hard to see a difference (if there is any )

Upgrades require kills or gems…which look just like diamonds…

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if i use the triangle botton it shows me all types of jewels (7). i have 1.285 of the type which i could use for the upgrade of the soulforge. there is no other type with only 2 as shown in the weapon screen. which says i have only 2 of 50 needed.

sorry, now i know what you mean. they should have made them at least different in colour …


not that i planned to create a weapon. i want mythic troops from soulforge …

Gems and diamonds look too much alike… you’d almost think they did it on purpose

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I would not spend your gems on forge! Use kills and upgrade that way! Gems are hard to come by!

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They most certainly did.
It’s the only place where gems have different icon. There is no other reason behind it. Why make the icon they put effort into at soulforge only - when all other icons are the same as before - if not for a specific purpose.
And if there is a specific purpose - what else would you guess that is.

Soulforge has the new UI. I suspect that the new UI will have different currency icons. We only see this currently on the soulforge and dungeon pages.

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