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Well it’s slightly better than “nothing” but…

(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

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97 gems to upgrade from lv1 to lv2 + 200 kills


I thought it was 200 kills OR 97 gems to upgrade now


You’re right, it says “Instantly level up for”

At level 9, in the craftable resources, there are “Diamonds” and not "Gems"
So will there be a new resource? Are those 97 Diamonds and not Gems?


Diamond seems to be a rare jewel available in all dungeon quests but with a 5% or 10% chance to have it…


So let’s hope to be able to use Gems and not Diamonds for upgrade :joy:


I don’t think so.

But we will need many diamonds to craft the rarest troops/traitstones so it’s worst…


Yep, but let’s hope to have a 100% chance to obtain diamonds from dungeons and not only 5 or 10%, because that would be another RNG based mode

If level 1 requires 200 kills, with 3 dungeons (guessing that you win all of them) per day you need over 2 months only for first upgrade


Yeah I’m not a big fan of the % of dropping diamonds…
Moreover, we surely can do only one time the dungeon by day…

We could certainly buy them with dollars so maybe it’s their buisness plan :slight_smile: .

I don’t think it’s kills only in dungeon. It should be like the Hero’s class: overall kill in all modes. 200 for the 1st level it’s already a lot. I can’t imagine how many kills we will need for the level 10.


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Details Please
Pretty please with sugar on top
We want details!!!


Nope, not details! Just obscure boomerangs on our social channels, just the way I like it.


If recipes will stays the same according to video:
1 Level of Soulforge lets craft:Major TS
2:Brown Jewels/ Summoning Stones/ Weapons
3:Blue Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
4:Green Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
5:Runic/Arcane TS
6:Yellow Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
7:Purple Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
8:Red Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
9:Celestial TS/ Legendary Troops/Weapons/ Diamonds
10:Mythic Troops/Weapons


Still on track to be live with 3.1 by end of August including consoles?


I have some shiny Mabs laying around, and some of them are shiny. Let me know if you have some info. :wink:

Im wealthy, trust me!


You are a such a tease but im okay with it…I’ll still patently wait


Boomerangs = Just the way of typical aussies…

Also, for no related reason a random tought appears: I just imagined a “Fidget Spinner Boomerang”…


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I’m going to make him do the next one.


Lol, I said that one Facebook. 'Wow, someone has really sexy hands, is it Sirrian? '
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