This is really nothing - Sneak Peak

Well it’s slightly better than “nothing” but…

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So you can scroll… :thinking:

97 gems to upgrade from lv1 to lv2 + 200 kills

I thought it was 200 kills OR 97 gems to upgrade now

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You’re right, it says “Instantly level up for”

At level 9, in the craftable resources, there are “Diamonds” and not "Gems"
So will there be a new resource? Are those 97 Diamonds and not Gems?

Diamond seems to be a rare jewel available in all dungeon quests but with a 5% or 10% chance to have it…

So let’s hope to be able to use Gems and not Diamonds for upgrade :joy:

I don’t think so.

But we will need many diamonds to craft the rarest troops/traitstones so it’s worst…

Yep, but let’s hope to have a 100% chance to obtain diamonds from dungeons and not only 5 or 10%, because that would be another RNG based mode

If level 1 requires 200 kills, with 3 dungeons (guessing that you win all of them) per day you need over 2 months only for first upgrade

Yeah I’m not a big fan of the % of dropping diamonds…
Moreover, we surely can do only one time the dungeon by day…
We could certainly buy them with dollars so maybe it’s their buisness plan :slight_smile: .

I don’t think it’s kills only in dungeon. It should be like the Hero’s class: overall kill in all modes. 200 for the 1st level it’s already a lot. I can’t imagine how many kills we will need for the level 10.

@Saltypatra @Sirrian
Details Please
Pretty please with sugar on top
We want details!!!

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Nope, not details! Just obscure boomerangs on our social channels, just the way I like it.


If recipes will stays the same according to video:
1 Level of Soulforge lets craft:Major TS
2:Brown Jewels/ Summoning Stones/ Weapons
3:Blue Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
4:Green Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
5:Runic/Arcane TS
6:Yellow Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
7:Purple Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
8:Red Jewels/ SS/ Weapons
9:Celestial TS/ Legendary Troops/Weapons/ Diamonds
10:Mythic Troops/Weapons

Still on track to be live with 3.1 by end of August including consoles?

I have some shiny Mabs laying around, and some of them are shiny. Let me know if you have some info. :wink:

Im wealthy, trust me!



You are a such a tease but im okay with it…I’ll still patently wait

Boomerangs = Just the way of typical aussies…

Also, for no related reason a random tought appears: I just imagined a “Fidget Spinner Boomerang”…

Sirrian has really pretty hands :clown_face:


I’m going to make him do the next one.


Lol, I said that one Facebook. 'Wow, someone has really sexy hands, is it Sirrian? '
And it was saltypatra?
Well salty, you do indeed have beautiful hands! I didn’t even think that was a thing. Lol. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:nail_care::nail_care::heart:️:heart:️:heart:️