[Not a bug] Problem with Jewels in soulforge portal

**PS4 Updated version of Gem of War. 4.7
Screenshot or image:

**I soulforge some 80 diamonds and didn’t get any. It didn’t show any of my Jewels but stated I had so many. Also I don’t think I got my rewards for dungeon battle I just completed.

How often does this happen? once that I know of. When did it begin happening? 12-12-19 at 4am

Are you sure you aren’t mixing up diamonds and gems? Diamonds or more white-ish, gems are more blue-ish, they look similar enough to confuse players quite often.

I know the different, and I know what I read. It took a request to make first 10 diamonds they I did another request to make 30. Now it showing I have no resources at all. I will exit the game and come back in. Don’t worry about it, its only a game. You can close my bug request ticket.

I’m sorry you was right, I forged gems and didn’t get them, not diamonds.