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No diamonds from souldforge & no extra turns

I tried to craft diamonds (700+) in the soulforge but after clicking on “craft” my resources were gone and I didn’t get a single diamond from crafting!

I’ve seen it quite often that I’ve combined 4+ stones in battle but I didn’t get an extra turn even though my troops hadn’t been frozen or had any other status ailment.

*I’m playing on PC via Steam

The latter has been reported, no word on any fix or resolution, but many have noted this most often happens on the first move of a game. There is also an issue where if you match 4 mana gems and some doomskulls simultaneously, the doomskulls will “blow up” before the other match resolves and may disrupt that match and therefore your extra turn.

For the former, though, I’d file a support ticket (be sure to choose “Missing Rewards” and not bug report.)


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Thank you:upside_down_face::+1:

It’s actually mentioned in the Known Issues list that the extra turns bug is fixed in 3.5 :slight_smile:

Regarding this, you will need to slow turn a little before taking your turn - even a second or two - to prevent this from occurring. @kiskil-lilla

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