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Change crafting diamond into a less confusing Jewels type

The mesh, shape, and ambiguous concept of the new crafting diamond look so similar to existing shop currency gems, that more than once I’ve found myself confused with them in a chat or on the forum.

Possible scenarios include:

  1. I think I’m talking about gems, when in fact they’re talking about craft diamonds.
  2. I think I’m talking about craft diamonds, when in fact they’re talking about gems.
  3. I think I’m talking about gems, but I’m worried they don’t know they’re talking about gems.
  4. I think I’m talking about craft diamonds, but I’m worried … etc
  5. We both have no frigging idea what we’re talking about.

For the sake of simplicity, could we just change one of these two into something else.
If anything, if not the mesh, at least just change the name Diamond into Crystal would help.




This MUST be new. I was going to grab the definitely-too-close comparison shots …

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talk about a fast response…

I mean, still…

Gems on the soulforge menu:

Gems depicted in some of the art in the shop:

Gems as costs on the chests menu:

Gems in the collection menu, and on buttons associated with costs on other menus:


Maybe if gems were internally consistent, the subtle difference between gems and diamonds would track, but as it stands now, they are far too similar.


I mean, yeah, they’re still waaay too close, given the other options available.

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couldnt diamonds be for example yellow-ish instead?
at least thet wont be mistaken with other jewels as the other jewels have different shape.


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Or just change shop gems into something else fantasy-based completely.
Like magic beans or crystal skulls or something…

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well, i think “fantasy-based” isnt the thing anymore
now its a modern-based so… nah :nauseated_face:

the regular blue gems could be changed to:

my favorite 3:

  1. a rainbow gem
    obrazobraz (second one is taken from @Drazen )
  2. rainbow gem conglomerate
  3. an “orb” gem

the rest:
obrazrings, cause why notobraz


Opals. They’re rainbow-ish, and can be displayed as a rounded gem rather than the angular diamond/gem shape.


Soulforge gems already have a distinctive form, while being different from each other (apart from Amethyst and Topaz, those are of the same shape). Diamonds should be the same, just transparent - whitish - opalescent.

Icons are all over the place, but that is a different problem.

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I think for consistency of the new interface the following changes would fit the design parameters:

  1. Change ALL the resource items color to white (includes all Keys)
  2. Create a slightly shaded off white background to encourage players to appreciate the artwork by spending 30 seconds trying to figure out what it is.
  3. Change the shape of everything to slightly different styles/angles of ‘Princess’ cut diamods.
  4. Enjoy the accolades you receive in private messages from the silent majority!!!

Agreed. I used to be able to tell whether I was looking at gems or diamonds by seeing whether the item was standing upright or was laying at a 45 degree angle (not that I could ever remember which was which). Now that doesn’t even work.


I still think the best illustration of the problem is right here (I grabbed this image from Ozball’s crafting spoiler thread):
soulforge grab

It’s obvious that based on diamonds-on-hand that I could craft 54 copies of Infernal King, right? I guess I must be short on Celestials…


Can we also talk about 43k Gems…? :open_mouth:

i think i get it!

the person making this ui had no idea whats the difference between diamonds and gems, not even idea they are different resource, they just made the graphic they were assigned to make, without any knowledge of the game.

that would also explain the non-fantasy buttons, borders and map icons