How can I see my diamonds?


In Hero Inventory I see only traitstones, keys - but not my jewels (diamonds and others). Is there a way to see their amount? I just want to know how many I need to 800.




Thanks! Never noticed that button.


I still don’t understand why they made that icon a soccer ball… :grin:


faceted diamond, top view
other examples



So, clearly – The Soccer Ball is made up of a Pentagon connected to Hexagons, while the Gem consists of a Hexagon connected to Trapezoids. Obviously not the same thing, right?


Geometries of War just didn’t flow. :smile:


Of course not! That would make it Fluid Dynamics of War.


Now you’ve done it. You completely watered down my joke.


Most people don’t, or the “Offer” button in Dungeons that lets you buy more.

But if you mention the bad UI or “Maybe all of the shop-related things should be in the shop?” people whine about how the game shouldn’t change for “stupid people”.


It’s obviously the top down view of a cut diamond! Can’t you all see that? It’s plainly obvious! Lol


There are a lot of low-level questions that should really be resolved at UI end/or ingame tutorial level.
Now imagine how many of those questions never make it to the forum or even the Guild chat.

Actually no, it’s a terrible cut for a diamond.


I was being facetious.


So was I; but in fact that thingie is not very like a diamond.


I see what you did there.


This response is awesome and deserves more recognition.


Go to Soulforge (under games)

Select the little icon that looks like a gem next to chat. At the top is your diamond number


Thanks, I got it already.


I’m sad that no one cares anymore to make a thread about what they would like in the forge next week.

Or in 12 mins or so …