Is the xbox server down?

I played my 3rd game on GW this morning 10am uk then its said server issues ever since its now 10pm and I still cant get on.

@Alpheon @Saltypatra

Not down for me

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I was just on for 15 minutes this hour. All good from my end too.

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Everything is looking good on our end.


20170824_085921 still getting this have reinstalled the game. My internet connection is fine.

Just tried another profile on xbox and it works try my login and nope my user name is “dazaster1” if that helps you.

Just been told my guild mates are having issues “the black sheep” guild.

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Many servers errors now on Xbox. Cant load the game.

505 told me loads of people having the same issue. mines been off since yesterday morning, 1 minute I’m in the top 10 battling with my ex guild mates the next… I’m playing rocket league ha ha.

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I’m having the same issue. It just arrived today for me. Does anybody have an estimate as to when this will be repaired?

We aren’t having any issues currently on our end, so if anyone is still experiencing this please contact us here


Good news! No issue so far today.

Thanks for the info.