Server Down on Steam

The server keeps going down on steam for a few minutes at a time. It is happening to all my guild members.

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Happening to me as well, Retry, Retry, Retry…

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I play on iOS and haven’t been able to log in all day.

And again… Retry, Retry, Retry…

yes, seems kaput

Add Android to the mix. Just did a GW run … not sure if it registered my last win :frowning:

Yep android servers just went poof

I’ve been stuck on this screen for the past 15 minutes or so…

Ps4 not loading either, was stuck on end of Battle screen so tried reload and wont

So did steam server again. Right after I won a GW fight…this is getting beyond frustrating anymore!
I have been refreshing for about 10-15 minutes now…

In case someone misses it.

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Finally got it to go through then immediately lost connection again. I just want my win to count. :frowning: Looks like I’m done with Gems for today though.

Guild members losing GW fights because of lost connection, that sucks!

Mobile is down now too.

Just part of the RNG fun…, to not be playing your 5 GW battles during a “Retry Storm


I seem to have an insane amount of extra time for the forums today, since I cant play GoW…

This Retry, Retry, Retry, This battle has already been completed…

Its getting really old. Did they outgrow their servers again? Or were they downgraded recently?

Ayup - just finally able to get back on

I’m stuck on the ‘Logging In’ screen, anyone else having this issue?

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I think that it was a steam issue this time. It finally allowed me to reconnect.

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