Is The Star in vault right now?

Dear @devs, @Kafka @Jeto @OminousGMan,

the official news said nothing about “The Star”, is it in the vault or not?


mega bump!!

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I’ve done 144 vaults today and got couple of Tarot cards but no Star :frowning:


christ. you thought she were in the drop pool and aimed for her?

just used part of keys earned through weekend mainly for rewards but also hoped for Star

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Thats rough. :frowning:

I got some Cedrics :sunglasses:

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Yet to get a Cedric here.

Hey everyone!

In regards to The Star being in the vault, if it’s not in the official news then it’s not in the vault.

I can let you know that The Star will be in the vault next week along with The Devil too :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


many thanks @OminousGMan for that quick reply, much appreciated.

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I have to bump this topic again:
Can people pls prove that The Star is really in vault?
Only seeing one person now, which has proved with picture, that it is there.
Really only one person? Of all players?


I got one after about 6 or so EVK.


after 88 keys I also found The Star


Congrats! I am 200 in and no Star, but 8 of the other Tarrot cards. This will be the very last laptop I will be playing GoW on, if I smash this one as well im done with the game.

Not good, there’s so many more tarot cards to come, at increasingly worse chance to obtain them. :face_with_head_bandage:

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Like I feared all the time:
I needed 117 vk for The Sun
I needed 185 vk for The Emperor
I needed 613!!! vk for The Moon
now i’m really scared starting to get The Star :scream:

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You are right! It will come to the ‘not a chance to get’ soon…

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Just got another The Sun. Now I surely start to wonder if the drop rate is lower on the star. I have no clue, but its 9 to 0 when it comes to tarrot cards.

Edit: Another The Devil, 10 to 0…

Has anyone confirmed whether or not EVKs have a higher Tarot drop chance?

not that i’m aware of