Is the server down (Jan 5)?

I can’t connect up with either device (cell phone and pc). I was in a delve when it occurred.

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Yes, down on PS4


I believe so, I’m having the same problem.
I’m in Florida not sure if it’s location based or not.

Already back in after a brief outage on Xbox

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Was stuck on a victory screen on one account and trying to check ToD progress on another for about 10 minutes. Seems to be back up as of right now.

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Either the amount of bots

Or Australian Fires

Took our beloved game down.

If it is because of the fires. Don’t be an asshole and demand compensation. Please and thank you. :grinning:

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[quote=“CanyonSurfer, post:4, topic:60484”]
Thank you, I’m in too on mobile.

Working fine here on PS4.

I’m back in, but couldn’t complete the delve and I only had a level 1 chest. It was city of thieves and I completed a total of 2 battles in it.

it’s not really funny at all, the situation is very serious and widespread, but I hear only jokes and closures on it.

If you are still unable to enter the game, please restart your device.

People cheating in this game? It’s too common to not laugh about it by now. It can be pretty rampant.
As far as the fires, there were zero jokes about it in my comment.

I have deleted the part of your post that showed how to cheat AWRyan. Please do not show this information in the future, as it violates Community Guidelines and there will be repercussions.

I didn’t like the fact that you perceive the topic of bots too comically meanwhile to pay all the attention to it

I linked an existing thread that was found on the forums. Since when is that a violation?

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what for? let it be, so more people will see the problem of this game

I didn’t say that it offended me, I just don’t like that for many it’s a joke, how long have you been checking protection and checking on guild bots?

Because I fought that fight for years. The devs either don’t care or are too busy to do the necessary amount of work to make it less prevalent.

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It clearly outlined ways to cheat. I have also removed the original post and contacted the poster directly. If you want less people to cheat, posting about how to cheat publicly is probably not the best way to make that happen.

As always, contact our support directly so we can help you further on these matters. We regularly ban players from the game, and have removed a large chunk several hours ago today.

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as always, you turn a blind eye to a particularly important problem of the game, I’m shocked, this game turns into a game of bots and cheats, and you want people to play this?