Fix your goshdarned servers on ps4

I am so tired of seeing error after error. When I use a key error then yal steal my key everytime. Fix this sh*t or I’m out.

I understand you frustration. I’ve been seeing a lot of errors on PC/mobile the last few days, but could you please keep the language a bit more civil?

IIRC Sirrian said in another thread that there has been a lot of site migration going on on the host server that they’re currently using, so maybe that’s part of the problem? Or maybe that was just for PC/mobile and PS4 is on another server…

yeah it sucks always Connection Error

The current servers are with a company that is having some problems… i think it is called parse. they are planning to migrate before jan 17 when parse closes its doors.

Sorry to hear you’re also having issues connecting. As @kzintiwife stated, we’ve been having some backend server problems over the past few days. The good news is that we’re looking into it and things should improve soon. The even better news is that we’re going to be compensating all console players as an apology for the frustration. You’ll see more details on that soon.