Server Issues 25/7 Midday GMT

Hi everyone,

We’ve been investigating reports of server issues for the last hour or so.

Turns out one of our Amazon database servers suffered a hardware fault, and is currently being replaced by our database provider.

No ETA on how long it will take, but I just wanted to let you know we’re aware of the issue and the problem is currently in the process of being fixed.


Thanks for the heads up.

Vielen dank für die schnelle lösung ^^

yay! Now I can expect some remedy rewards for the server issue, :thinking:how about a power orb for everyone?:smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:

Or even better…


Problem solved :smirk:

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Did Amazon point out that 9.9999% is still five nines? :wink:

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Okay - service seems to be returning to normal.

Sorry for the interruption everybody

Quick technical explanation for anybody interested…
Our database has a primary & secondary server, so if the primary has an issue, it fails over onto the secondary one and keeps going with only a minor hiccup. Stuff like that happens a few times a year maybe.
Our problem here happened when the failover didn’t occur quickly enough, and for an unknown reason, the secondary database died. When everything came back online, something wasn’t quite right (a very high load was on the new primary server), and we had to optimize a few things before it started working again. We’ll investigate more tomorrow when we’re back in the office, and determine the exact cause of what went wrong.


I’m like a deer that gets caught in headlights every time I’m reading a thread and see this…

Great turnaround and response times kudos to you and you team @Sirrian


@Saltypatra I am getting servers connectivity errors after every match. I have rebooted my console and still getting the same thing.

Servers OK?

Everything look fine on xbox

Maybe you should reset your modem? I don’t know, but these things are misteryous as magic sometimes…

Now I’m starting to wonder if it’s a PSN issue.

Everything was resolved around 10 PM our time last night. If you are encountering issues please restart you console and modem, and if that doesn’t work, contact our support. :slight_smile: