Is there issues with the PVP servers?

Just had two errors that I haven’t seen since we moved to the new servers - the PVP has ended (that you see at the end of the Week during switch over to the new week)

Something up?

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I have received a few “This battle may have already been completed” messages along with “Timeout Errors”.

So yes I feel that something with the servers are up. Maybe they downgraded them some, and we overloaded it.

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IIRC, the new servers are hosted on AWS. AWS has been experiencing intermittent issues the last couple of days, including being down for a short bit.


Yeah I’ve read about that, and wondered if it was going to mess GoW up at all. Chat has been down for me for a few hours at least.

Thank you everyone for quick answers. I was wondering myself about if the Amazon servers were going to affect GoW… well I guess today I just stick to farming :slight_smile:

Yeah, around 4 hours for me, at least