Is the new class trial event canceled?

Now in game it shows Shaman class trial but yesterday it was showing the new class trial (Spiritwalker)

Post a screenshot of where you are seeing this. I highly doubt they would plug in a weekend Shaman class trial, they have Arena events for whenever they need to throw in something useless.


No, when a new Class is released it generally has an event that goes over the course of the launch week’s weekend. So there should be a Spiritwalker Class event that goes from this Friday through Sunday. See the Taran’s schedule for this week.

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Let’s just wait and see - is the game right or is it Tarans.

Ah, next week is Wild Plains. It’s probably showing the Shaman class in the Thursday slot, because there won’t be any Thursday class event this week, due to the weekend release.


Bot command shows no class trial this weekend.

Not correct. Last night it showed Spiritwalker class trial in that same square (I didn’t take a ss) but this morning after I restarted my game it changed to Shaman. Also gary’s bot shows no class trial for this weekend

Both are correct. Screenshot shows 9days, 16hours, which is March 2. That is the expect Shaman class event.

I say expected because I was planning for it as I need that class done. :wink: