Class Trail (29.07.2021)

I don’t know who set this but please take a look at the troop list after you decided restrictions of the event. There is 8 troops (for the most of the players.)

You could also try Slayer…

…or Monk

then again, the official stance is that it’s not poor design, it’s players projecting onto Devs when they can’t think of a good team:

:roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:


Are you spending in class trials? If not, most players has a dawnbringer and chuck any yellow troops. Class done.


I found a pretty good class trial team:
Oracle(!)+ Doomed Breaker (green hammer), forest guardian, fenrir, spirit fox

It was easy, I just had to let go “take the mythic” mindset

Today’s class is “Slayer” 9 troops :joy:

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All of which are absolute garbage, and not a single one with link

The troop limitation for class events is always kingdom and tribe of the featured hero class, there isn’t anything dynamic about it. Necromancer next week will be limited to Undead troops from Khetar.

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