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As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

Well, I mean vault weekends aren’t bringing me joy because I feel obliged to grind in an attempt to recoup the 140 odd vault keys I wasted on trying to get Heart of Rage back.


Only to get it back in an email later…

I decided to be patient or I would be griping with you.

Wasted vault event key team! Highfive :stuck_out_tongue: I used 250…and now i have an enraged Kurandara and TWO heart of rage…Yeah, i don’t feel cheated at all…
And had we not tried to get it, they would not have changed it. So it was a thankless job for us…

So grinding again, because i know they think they made things fair and won’t recognize any collateral damage…


Do you guys have like red ribbons or anything for the GoW first responders?

Here you go. :ribbon:

Thank you for your service. Making the world safe for everyone else’s vault keys.

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Never got any EVK, throughout two VaultKey events. The drop rate was and is a piece of shit.

Slayer class event: enjoy!
:roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:

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Thank god its just to skip.

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Bonebinder, King and Moira are not such a bad team.


My thoughts exactly. The players always complaining about this stuff have a real lack of theory crafting ability or just don’t play these events to enough to realize they don’t need many options to complete them. Hell, usually only a good weapon is needed to get through round 8.

Nothing like having only .007795 percent of troops available to get those creative juices flowing…

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You get access to all the weapons and as I stated, that’s almost enough alone to get you through all stages.

The only thing less troops does is slow down the completion of the event, not the actual succeeding chance.

Because God knows, we all want matches and events to take LONGER.

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I get you guys want to constantly complain about all things gems, but maybe complete the event and then come in with your gripes about the lack of troops actually effecting your ability to complete the event in a timely manner.

As stated you have a few skull spammers which are strong options.

Sure they could have a larger pool of troops to choose from, but this is hardly a hurdle for any player who has played longer than a month.

To the non whiners who might be looking for class event advice that worked for me a year, try using a manacles to mang philosophy. I used to play every class event fully for the first year before I maxed all classes and got zuulgoth. My strategy was super simple and I lost very rarely. Start with black manacles for the first few rounds up until around round 5 or 6. Then switch to earths fury or mang to finish out. Troops 2, 3, & 4 are always just support for the hero.

You can obviously synergize when applicable such as spiked mace with orcs or something like that but as long as you have a rock solid class you can bust through class events fairly easily.

The only annoying part of class events is not the troop selection but the gem baiting. Its the worst value for gems and half the time it leaves you one valraven short so you’re forced to go another tier. That’s the only legitimate gripe.

Because when I see a terrible event, I call it terrible.
No faction troops because they did’nt make any of them dwarves.
No empowered, fast or even half mana troops, so no quick start.
No AOE or scatter damage troops.
Limited choices made even fewer if you don’t want to have that last troop mana blocked.
So you can have a skull spam team with a little spell damage mixed in. And that’s about it.
If you have to rely on your hero to get through a class event, what does that say about the class event?
A class event that has only 7 troops available is, by definition, terrible.

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I think the complaint was not so much about difficulty but maybe enjoyment, in terms of only having 7 troops to pick from.

I.e. Not so much about not being able to complete or “get through” it (which kind of sums it up?).


Enjoyment is highly subjective, especially when it comes to these types of events. For example I enjoy pushing back on these dev trolls as much as they seemingly enjoy positing daily about the most minor of issues. Do I personally enjoy the class event? Hell no, I’m not sure I’ve met any player that “enjoys” this event except for times when there are very specific synergies they enjoy. Thus falling back on the subjective view of the player not the game mode itself.

On it’s surface, the complaint is valid. But sadly this is the formula they most often use for their rants “(A)Not enough troops = (B)not fun = ©devs did this on purpose to make the game not fun” . The problem with this assertion is assuming every class event has to be fun or that it has to have a set amount of selected troops that the player deems fun. If A and B are both true for a player as it is with anyone who frequents this thread, than C is inevitably the next response as to the why A & B are not true. The problem with this assertion is assuming this was done on purpose or that it’s something to be fixed. Some class events have a lot of options, some have very little, and most are in between. Picking out a few examples of the 34 class events and saying “look at this pile of trash developer design” is being quite ridiculous in their cherry pick.

I said it before and it’s worth repeating. The class event is the worst value in the game. So if you are playing the class event you are knowingly accepting this. As such you fall into 3 categories of player.

  1. The player who uses the free sigils for the gems. In this case any class event is easy to complete with any setup because with all the beefed up stats, by the time you sniff a loss, the event is over.
  2. The player who wants to complete the event for the orb and maybe class xp. This player should know they are choosing the low value gem sink and the end goal is to complete the event regardless of speed or fun, it’s for a purpose. Players don’t play all events because they are all fun, but the rewards are rewarding, it’s why I played class event for as long as I did(stupidly). Some were fun, some weren’t, but either way they never took obnoxiously long to complete even at it’s worst.
  3. The player going for LB. This is actually pretty easy to obtain on some class events. But if you are going for LB or the power orb you are beefing up your stats with potions so difficulty doesn’t really matter to that player, they are already committed to a long grind.

In all 3 of these cases the end goal isn’t, “I’m playing class event because it’s fun”, like many events in this game, it’s for a purpose. Whether you view the final rewards on events as worth it or “fun” is very subjective, but for me, that is what motivates me. There are other game modes for the fun aspect and I highly encourage players who are this disgruntled with game mode designs to stick with the ones they enjoy. Class events are a terrible value and should be ignored unless you’re full of gems and too lazy to farm class xp and want a minor orb.

I think players forget that the best way to make an impact on the development team isn’t to complain here on a forum where no one cares what your opinion is(including mine), but to not play events they see as horrible. By not playing an event, you aren’t spending gems, and by not spending gems, that hurts them where it counts. So next time you find yourself playing arena, class event, or faction event and you want to complain, just know you contributed to the problem you so often complain about. And if your response to that is “well, I don’t play these events.”, then what’s the issue?

Everyone has their right to slam the developers and point out what they see as poor design or bad game modes. It’s pretty much why this thread started so the haters could have their safe space. But I also have the right to poke holes in these ridiculous arguments with a point of view held by more people than the fringe and backing that up by experience. A new player just posted recently that they aren’t experiencing all of the issues these forums constantly complain about. Obviously, because most players realize it’s just mobile game and try to take it for what it is and not make it their life’s mission to find every negative aspect of something.


The problem is that people want the options to get fast finished with these events, as most just simply dont find it fun to waste their time with it. So a lot of complains then naturally comes when there is no option for fast surfing pace for the specific event. While fun is subjective, anything slow for the same rewards as fast options is a huge fist in the belly for most.

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Sure. But by the nature of the game design not all events or modes will always allow a player to go at peak speed, nor should it. That speed is also very subjective. I could bust through an event faster than another player, and then another player may go through faster than myself. So how is the game supposed to factor in speed? It doesn’t. Sometimes you’ll have troops to go at lightning speed, other times you won’t, but the difference in speed isn’t as much as many would believe it is.

The fact that this isn’t “fun” for those players who can’t go as fast as they can, doesn’t mean anything in terms of bad game design. It just means they have to build a slower team, but it’s the success of the event that matters most. If a player was blocked by difficulty, that’s one thing, but being block by a slight speed hit, is a separate issue altogether.

No one is forcing a player to play class event, and nor should they lol.

Yeah, I am talking that most wants to get done with these events - as its not fun for most - but they just do it for the rewards and/or help their guild mates. There ofc also exist that enjoy the torture of what the Arena has to offer nowadays, so we find all kinds of players in this game. The events can never be compared with that IMO. But as people is spoiled some weeks for the event, there will naturally come complaints when its the quite opposite other weeks. Thats just the way it is, in most games I think.

Me, I just skip the events if I dont feel like playing. There is an option for people to join guilds that fits them better if they cant stand the torture some events is giving. So there we both agree, why complain when they can change guild and find something that fits them better with less stress?

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You just hit the nail on the head there and I think we can definitely agree on that point.

My overall point is that these events that are soo often complained about are not an important part of a players progression. As you said, some weeks will be easier(or faster) than others, and some weeks will be slower and harder. No one is making them play arena or class event. Even during arena events the rewards aren’t worth it lol. But the option is there for those that want to do it. The best thing to do is skip it if it’s not enjoyable, it’s certainly what I and many in our network have done.

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