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As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

And here I am playing arena to get an extra daily offers. Why do I do this to myself? Crap! I just realized this is a vault weekend. I should play the parts of the game I enjoy. Right now, I forgot those exist. Instead, it’s time for a break until someone does a pet rescue I care about.

I’m hating arena so much vault weekends aren’t even bringing the joy.

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Well, I mean vault weekends aren’t bringing me joy because I feel obliged to grind in an attempt to recoup the 140 odd vault keys I wasted on trying to get Heart of Rage back.


Only to get it back in an email later…

I decided to be patient or I would be griping with you.

Wasted vault event key team! Highfive :stuck_out_tongue: I used 250…and now i have an enraged Kurandara and TWO heart of rage…Yeah, i don’t feel cheated at all…
And had we not tried to get it, they would not have changed it. So it was a thankless job for us…

So grinding again, because i know they think they made things fair and won’t recognize any collateral damage…


Do you guys have like red ribbons or anything for the GoW first responders?

Here you go. :ribbon:

Thank you for your service. Making the world safe for everyone else’s vault keys.


Never got any EVK, throughout two VaultKey events. The drop rate was and is a piece of shit.