Mystic week and still now Mystic class

Still no Mystic class but this week is about new mystic troops and weapons. You guys try to create new weapons that don’t have the ability to even be used optimally like the rest of them. If my character can’t become the character type my weapon needs me to be that is really silly. You give us all the tools but then don’t give us the key to the machine.

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If it makes you feel any better we have 2 fey hero classes (one recently released), 2 giant hero classes, 2 elf hero classes and 2 undead hero classes.

I don’t know what the designers intentions are in the game. But black and white balance is not one of them.
Given we still don’t have a faction that is linked with a Brown kingdom. And this is the second pet in a row to be released with a Faction that requires Green food.


I’m pretty sure those intentions are to slow you down; whether it be in this week’s Invasion event, or whatever else. It doesn’t look like we are actually going to get an elemental class. Pretty sure that would result in the most overpowered combos in the game. That would mean a lot more gold being earned in PvP, a lot more Legendary Tasks, and thus a lot more rewards and people making real progress on developing their accocunt.

I wanted to roast them of the dual race classes but I figured that would be the same as picking on someone who can’t defend them self. I just don’t understand why some of the oldest classes in the game mystic/elemental don’t have classes.

The Mystic Class from Silverglade is scheduled for release 3 Jan 2020, after Dhrak’zum. I’m just curious if the Shentang and Sin of Maraj classes will be released before the Orc. My guess is yes, and yes, that fills me with rage.

I guess if I want to play as an Orc I should play WoW. Or Elder Scrolls. Or LotR. Or AoW. Or Minecraft. Or Rock Band 3…

I don’t know whether to ask here or start a new topic, but is there a pattern for the weekly Class Event? I know the Tuesday delves follow the release order.

If there is no pattern, and this is Grosh-nak/beast week, why not at least have the event be Warden and not Necromancer. Just curious is all. I haven’t noticed a rotation pattern, but I don’t know when all the classes were released.

On occasion things match up
But from what I’ve seen, it’s whatever they feel like at any given time
No particular rhyme or reason to the rotation

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