Is the Faction map RNG based?

Now you see it.
(No gnome in the room though.)

Now you don’t.

Level 100 Hoard Quality, All seeing eye Faction Assault event.

And it’s back…

(Still no gnome though.)

This is one of the few Factions whose delve map doesn’t contain a full 9 rooms – I wouldn’t suspect that to be necessarily related, but…?

Gnome room only when you start a deep delve (which cannot be done on faction assault).
But yeah, I noticed the map changing between old and new versions.

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I have seen this happening also

I can confirm it, on both android and steam

Adds some variety IMO so I do not mind it.

Layout seems random, i have other layouts for lvl 80 and lvl 110, 90 the same @awryan

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I think it’s 50/50 in the Event (13-9 for me, so far).

But someone said the new map doesn’t appear above Level 80 in the Daily Delve. I can’t verify that, but bugginess seems all too likely, in this game (and most mobile games, to be fair). :cry: