New Faction Map is Awesome! Nicely Done

Thank you Devs, this is definitely cool.

You like the mushroom hallucinatory effect ?

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Whilst I like the graphics and layout I feel I have to disagree with the the overall map.
I do t like the way there is only one path to the boss room which has a potential to stifle on the higher levels of the faction as you’ll have to do all rooms bar 2 to the boss room.

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This is going to be the story of the 4.4 releases in general:

Interesting, well-designed features that have a lot of obvious effort and love spoiled by technical flaws in the larger systems of the game.

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The room size needs to be increased about 25%

The map in event delves is always a little smaller because there is more UI on the screen. In normal delves it’s the size you’re imagining.