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Is the console version behind mobile? Or is it separate?

I’m referring to updates, specifically ones with guild. I prefer the mobile guilds (seals, guardian statues, etc) over console. And some mobile units (guardians, baby dragon/dragon egg/ etc).

Are these things that will be coming eventually? Or are those things going to stay different indefinitely?

The Console versions are behind for a variety of reasons, but the Devs are working on catching them up to PC/Mobile soon.

GoW released on iOS and Steam first, and shortly after on Android.

The consoles version released quite a long time after the mobile version, and was originally run by a different technical team. It had various issues plaguing it, and was a long way behind the mobile version’s troop / kingdom / patch schedule.

The devs behind the mobile / Steam version took over the consoles versions a few months ago, and have been pushing it hard to catch up.


^ Exactly this. I didn’t feel like going into depth on this, but Jainus is right on point with that.

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We’re expecting guild patch any day now.