New player platform question

Hello everyone, I just started playing this game on the switch, I found it as a free download game thought I would give it a shot. So far it seems like a game I will enjoy, I have put in a few hours and got to level 15. My question is before I get too involved, would you recommend switching and playing via PC? Which if I am reading correctly can also link to mobile app, which may make collecting daily goals easier. Are there any major differences between which platform you play on?

Thank you for any advice you may have

Hi @TheWarlock187,

This a real personal question, I think. I play it on ps4 coz I have a disorder why I cant game on pc or screen close for me any more (pity enough) so PS4 was for me the best option but if I was you I should try pc not only coz you can link it with mobile but also I think it has more benefits then other platforms but what I said its a personal meaning.
I wish you much pleasure and a awesome time with GoW :star_struck:

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The only major difference I am aware of is that Switch is several weeks / months (?) behind in terms of content being released. Switch will get the same content, but much later.

Other than that, as was mentioned, it’s just personal preference. I play mostly on mobile at the moment, and it does make it easy for hourly collection, ad rewards, etc. I haven’t played on Switch, so I can’t tell you which I’d prefer. You can always try it on PC / mobile, and see which you like better.

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Mobile/PC is the older version so I suppose there are also more guilds to chose from. Being in a guild is a very important part of the game as many of the resources you’ll be able to get will come from guilds.

That may be something to consider.

Thank you for the input, I think I will go with the PC/Moble version, it just seems like it will be more convenient overall to have options.

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