GOW: PC Vs Console

Hey guys, loving the group and loving the game. I recently started playing this game when I stumbled over it on PS4, thought it was the sickest thing since slice bread. I started getting into and then I installed the pc version. I was confused all over again. How is that the game is so different? The detail, scale-ability and complexity that I found in the pc version. It made the console version feel lacking. I don’t know it might be just me but am finding myself playing the pc version a lot more now. Are there any plans on updating the console version to match the pc experience? That’s something I would gladly pay for.

Keep snatching dem trophies…:grin:

I moved your topic over to Gameplay Chat, so you’ll get more input.

Basically, the PC/Mobile is on the bleeding edge. It is where the main developers built the game. We get all the really awesome new toys before they get ported over to the consoles.

The players here on the forums are some of the biggest fans of the series. So sometimes discussions get a bit heated. Thankfully the development staff knows its because we love the game as much as they do.

You won’t be able to move data from the Consoles to PC/Mobile because of Sony and Microsoft legalities.

Eventually the consoles will see updates.

Thank you for the move. I would love to see console get the same game build as the pc/mobile build. I am doing and seeing things I wish were implemented in the console versions. I would love to see GOW at EVO lol. I know it’s free but if they really put their minds too it, this could be a very lucrative venture. That said, right now, the pc version has me a lot more invested in building and strategizing.

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An addendum: Two different teams work on the PC/Mobile vs Xbox/PS4 versions and I believe the whole release process of the consoles is different (i.e. longer) than the PC/Mobile process, so that seems to affect the timeliness of updates.

The current version on console matches the PC 1.0.7 version. PC was upgraded to 1.0.8 about two months back, and 1.0.9 is coming soon (probably?)

The Console version will be getting everything - but will generally lag behind a few weeks. One point in console’s favor is that many troops are still not released, so you have an opportunity to (for example) buy the Bone Dragon on console. Those of us who have been playing PC for a year or more already bought him, but new PC side players have to get him via random drops.

Also, the Console side has daily tasks - which are a nice early econ boost.

How is mr. Norrell?

You know that has been tickling my brain for a while. How do you get troops. Is it only by using keys? Cause I have been keys and not getting any one of note. Or do I have to spend money to get the heavy hitters?

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There are a few ways to get troops:

1 - Keys! This is the main way to get troops. On console we still have iron keys, which cost 1000 gold, but have a chance of getting you any possible troop. You also earn keys as rewards from other things. Magic Keys are bought with gems - you’ll get a small trickle of gems naturally, but mostly you pay real money for the gems.

2 - Quests! Each kingdom’s quest line gives you an Epic troop when you finish it. This is a key way to get yourself a decent army early on. Do 5-6 kingdoms, pick the epic troop you like best, and build an army around it.

3 - Weekly Glory troops! This is something you should start doing ASAP - but it takes a bit of doing. Each week (on Monday) folks get glory, gold, etc for how well they performed in PvP during the following week. Earn glory each day for your current rank. Then each week a new troop is released, and can be purchased with Glory.

On console side, you can earn up to 16 glory a day from a #1 PvP rank, and it costs ~120 Glory to buy the troop each week. On PC/Mobile you now earn 3 glory per PvP win (in addition) and troops cost 300-500 glory to purchase. Console will be switching to match the PC economic model soon, but the key thing is that by the time you are level 30-50, you should be trying to PvP up in ranks each week to get that new troop.

The more you talk the more I realize how immersive this game really is… WTH! Lmao. I feel like I was trying to melt an iceberg with a match stick… Thanks for the heads up. I am just leveling up to 17 on pc but am just about 30 on console. This is some useful info. Thanks much.

I am going to be in PVP a lot more now. Trying to wrap up those quests. I really wish that they would hurry and update the console build. I would love to see what I level up to before I actually level up. Right now I just level up and hope for more life or shield or magic.