How can I use my PS4 GOW account on my mobile?

I started to play GOW on PS4, tried later on my mobile. It just starts a new game. Is there any way to log into my PS4 GOW account, on mobile?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Console version and PC/mobile version run on different servers. Apparently there is no way to connect to the console version via mobile phone/PC and vice versa.

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Not only that, they run on different versions. Console players are playing 1.0.6 version of the game, while mobile and PC players are playing 1.0.7 version. Linking accounts won’t be able at least until both platforms have the same game version.


I truly hope that they allow us to play truly cross platform. I too started on PS4 and then realised there’s a mobile app. After reaching level 38 I don’t really fancy starting again on my phone. Right now there is no way to see account details/settings on PS4. Really hoping this gets sorted so I can continue my progress away from my console!

Unfortunately that’s never going to happen. They are different servers run by different companies with very different legal agreements.

Sorry. I agree it’d be nice.

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Thank you. It’s good to know early on! Back to the PS4 it is :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies. Lovely game to play on PS4 as well

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The answer you seek is PSVITA. :smiley:

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Wait… need a moment to realise… The game save is on the cloud right, and you can use the save on both ps4 and psvita? Is that how it works?

Edit: or is it remote play only?

I’ll jump in here… because I remote play all of the time with this game. Great game for that function. But yeah, it doesn’t run nativity on Vita (remote play only). Would be awesome if it was on Vita too though… no reason it couldn’t be really. We need to get a petition going! lol