RIP Van Patches?!

So I was browsing this site and noticed that not only is it behind in a lot of ways, but also there is a separate section for PS4/Xbone on this forum.

Is the Mobile/PC version ahead in patches at this moment? Alternative way of asking: Are there things that PC has that the consoles don’t?

The reason I’m asking is that I just learned about Classes and some new Troops and Weapons, so I’m eager to know if the consoles are behind.

Yes, consoles are behind. The gap is much narrower than it used to be, but classes and a number of event troops are not yet available on console. The exact set of missing troops has not been catalogued; @TaliaParks probably has the most up-to-date set.

I had a feelings, most games work like that so I’m not really surprised.

Nor am I disappointed: I only learned of the game a few weeks ago, and I’m having a blast, but I noticed that bringing your Hero seems pointless in most regards, at least at early levels. They only seem useful for tanking shots or making sure your team can get something out of every color matched by filling in the one/two colors that the rest of the team doesn’t use…even though I never used my Weapon Abilities hardly ever. On a side note, the day I learned I didn’t need my Hero in my team was the day I REALLY got into this game.

So…if it’s behind on console, I pray they have mentioned plans to have them catch up to the current version and keep them current with PC/Mobile (a la SMITE).

The console and PC teams are entirely separate; in fact the console dev team is a separate company. That said, their stated goal is to remain as in-sync as they can be with the PC/mobile version, though they are beholden to more rigorous tests than the PC version is and will therefore be somewhat behind for the foreseeable future.

Also with the way glory is generated many players would miss out by having every single troop you are lacking all of the sudden show up. Both traitstones and cards would be unaffordable in the flood. So as much as the wait sucks it is partially for the best.

Everything @lyya said is correct, but I’ll also add that the console games were launched quite a while after the PC and Mobile games, which is a big reason why we’re still working to play catch up.

That said, the game will eventually be synced across all platforms.

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Hero classes and changed treasure map is the biggest difference between console and mobile. We’re also behind on troop releases and new cities.
But console gets tasks.