Is server down right now?

Cannot access the game right now. Not loading. Is the server down?

What platform are you using? I’m on Steam and it’s working fine.

I am IOS and I also can’t access the game from either my phone or iPad.

The normal spinning ball icon at loading screen just not moving at all

Same issue, already sent a support ticket.

I’m playing on an ipad air.

Keep us updated please .
This is a bummer because I finally have time to sit down for the double Gold weekend, and of course this happens at this precise time.

Le sigh

Isn’t loading for Android either.

Lucky bum … lol

I have problems with my iPad2 with several games. i am thinking of buying a new model. Do you have issues with the Airpad?

Same problem here, thought sth wrong with my internet.

I’m just happy I have a Windows tablet also! Mry iOS and Android devices cannot connect.

Whatever was wrong seems fixed now. Game is working normally again on my IOS

Same problem occuring again…

Works again.

And happening again on IOS =( This is some kind of IOS issue? On avg once every two days there is a brief period where I can’t log in. Any other Apple iOS users having the same issue?

Yep, experienced it again today.

Could it be that this is a problem with logging in to Game Center, rather than GoW? For GoW to really load I notice the login into Game Center has to complete. Just a thought since this is apparently an iOS issue.

Haven’t run into this on Android.

So many times I’ve thought that something has gone wrong with a game only have the GameCenter welcome message finally pop up. Not 100% on the behind the scenes reasoning, but I assume GameCenter needs to wait for a response before proceeding.

I’m not aware of any general outage occurring currently, but will look into it. If you’re playing on a mobile data connection, that’s always a possible culprit just due to a potentially lossy connection.

I’m completely unable to log in on Android right now. I’s sitting frozen on the loading screen, without even the spinner in the bottom corner turning. I’ using a wifi connection, so there’s no mobile data issue.

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Same on my Android - nothing happens, even the spinner isnt spinning :slight_smile:

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